Health news: If there is a sudden problem of frost bite in snowy places, then know how to treat it from expert

Frostbite symptoms and prevention: Winter season has arrived and people are also planning to travel in this season. If you are also planning to go to snowy places in this December or January, then this news is of your use. Actually, people who like tourism are very fond of going to snowy places. But snowy The more adventurous it is to roam the places, the more it is full of challenges. In fact, on the high mountains cold During the season, the entire mountain is covered with a sheet of snow. It looks like marble but the temperature drops below zero. In these situations, those who have gone to these places from outside may have an attack of frostbite. Frost bite is a dangerous disease that occurs in the hands or toes after a severe cold. In this, the nerves of the hands or toes freeze or become inactive due to cold. Orthoplastic Hand and Limb Reconstructive Microvascular Surgeon in Sant Parmanand Hospital Delhi Dr. Abhishek Sharma It is said that frostbite can be felt by people in very cold places. Since there is a lot of lack of medical facilities in those places, so people who are going on excursions should know about this disease in advance.

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cold freezes the veins
Dr Abhishek Sharma says frost bite The attack of frostbite is more on those people whose fingers are usually thin. When a person is more in places with more snow than in places with less cold, then his body may find it difficult to balance with the temperature there. Due to this, such people get attacked by frost bite. In that condition, there is no circulation of blood to the fingers. The nerves leading to the fingers start constricting or freeze or freeze. The contact of those organs with the brain starts breaking. Dr Sharma said, just as the tissue under the skin remains frozen, in the same way the skin freezes when there is an attack of frostbite. In severe cases, muscles, nerves and blood vessels also start freezing. The circulation stops completely. There are three stages of frost bite – first degree frost bite, second degree frost bite and third degree frost bite. In the last stage, the fingers of the person turn black. In this situation there is no option but to cut off the fingers.

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Who is more at risk of frostbite
People who smoke.
who are diabetic patients.
Whose fingers are thin.
Patients suffering from Vascular disease.
People suffering from diseases related to nerves.
People who live for many days in extreme cold.
People who go there where the icy winds are blowing.
People living on high mountains.

How to Know that a Frost Bite Attack is About to Happen
First of all it will be cold.
The skin will start turning red, white, bluish white (blue), grey, yellow, purple or brown. The color of the skin depends on the severity of the disease.
Now touching the skin will feel very cold and the skin will also become hard.
The joint will start to cramp.
The knuckles of the hands and toes will start trembling.
After this the fingers will start hearing.
Due to severe frostbite, the skin of the fingers will turn black and blisters will also start appearing.

what to do in an emergency
It is challenging to reach medical facilities immediately in these snowy places. Therefore, if the color of the hands or toes is changing and there is hearing, then as soon as possible, leave those places and go to warm places. First of all, give that person’s heart in hot water. To put your hands in lukewarm water first, then increase the temperature of the water and ask to put your hands in it. The temperature of the water should be up to a maximum of 40 degrees. Can light a bonfire nearby. In whatever way you can, give the person as much heat as possible. Some medicine can be given in emergency situations, but in such a situation, do not give medicine without the advice of a doctor. If a doctor is available over the phone, consult them.

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