Health Tips: Should Diabetic Patients Eat Poha? Know Dr. Alka’s opinion

New Delhi. HEALTH TIPS DIABETES PATIENT: Can diabetics eat poha? Many such questions keep popping up in the minds of patients suffering from diabetes. Before eating anything, they are afraid that their sugar balance may be disturbed by eating it. At the same time, various types of advice running illegally on social media scare diabetic patients to a great extent. We are with us to remove this fear of diabetic patients and to give the right answer to all the questions related to food and drink. Dr. Alka Jha, Senior Consultant, Endocrinology Department, Vasant Kunj Fortis Hospital.

Let us start with our first question, can diabetic patients eat poha? So, Dr. Alka Jha, Senior Consultant, Endocrinology Department, Vasantkunj Fortis Hospital answers that yes diabetic patients can eat poha, provided they have to include vegetables and nuts in sufficient quantity along with poha. Dr. Alka Jha says that nowadays we do not put too much restriction in the diet of diabetic patients. Actually, in the disease of diabetes, the whole game is of calories. If we are able to balance calories, then not only poha but rice can also be included in our diet.

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Along with taste, these things will also have to be kept in mind
According to Dr. Alka Jha, diabetes can be controlled through the balance of calories. Diabetes patients have to see how many calories they are consuming in the whole day. If a diabetic patient wants to eat rice, then he can take it, but the amount of vegetables should be more along with rice. There should be a good amount of protein in the food. We have to see how we can vibrate the rice. If a diabetic patient is eating 1200 or 1400 calories in a day, then he can add a plate of rice to his food. Yes, vegetables and salads should be more along with rice, so that the amount of fast rising sugar can be slowed down.

Now talk about potatoes along with rice.
Dr. Alka Jha tells that nowadays diabetic patients are not told that they should not eat rice or potatoes. It cannot be denied that diabetic patients are forbidden to eat potatoes, but potatoes can be eaten in small quantities along with other vegetables including fenugreek, mustard, spinach and cabbage. Once again the same thing that you have to balance calories in your diet. If you are eating something fried some day, then you should avoid potatoes. Because you are already consuming more calories in fried things. Dr. Alka Jha says that the abstinence of sugar can also be removed from the patient for a day, provided he has to balance the calories from sugar with other food items.

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