Hindi Diwas 2021 Wishes: Wish your loved ones on Hindi Diwas with these messages

Hindi Diwas 2021 Wishes: Hindi Diwas is celebrated across the country on 14 September. On this day in the year 1949, the Constituent Assembly had decided to make Hindi the official language of India. Hindi Divas was first celebrated on 14 September 1953. Hindi is the fourth such language in the world which is spoken by most of the people. The purpose of celebrating Hindi Diwas is to emphasize on the development of Hindi language. On this day Rajbhasha Kirti Puraskar and Rajbhasha Gaurav Puraskar are given to the Ministries, PSUs, Nationalized Banks and citizens for their contribution and promotion of Hindi. This day is celebrated as a celebration of the importance of Hindi language and spread more awareness about the language in the country. On this occasion, you can also wish your friends and loved ones on this day by sending different types of messages, quotes and shayari by showing respect for the Hindi language.

India’s pride is Hindi,
The identity of every Indian is Hindi,
Hindi is a unique tradition of unity.
Every heart has a wish in Hindi…
happy hindi day

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Our unity and integrity is the identity of our country.
We are Hindustani and Hindi is our tongue…
happy hindi day

Hindi is India’s hope
Hindi is the language of India
happy hindi day

I am a golden dot adorned on the spear of Mother India,
I am the daughter of India, your own Hindi..
happy hindi day

Hindi is in every particle
My mother said in this
my value is hindi
my pride is hindi
happy hindi day

Hindi and Hindustan is ours and we are its pride
Our heart is one and one is our life
happy day in hindi

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Hindi is the pride of Hindustan,
Hindi is the identity of every Indian.
Hindi is a unique tradition of unity.
Every heart has a wish in Hindi
happy day in hindi

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