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Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh Hindi Poems: Born on November 13, 1917 in Sheopur in district Morena of Madhya Pradesh, Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh is called the bridge between progressive poetry and new poetry. There are so many unique images in his poems that every time they are read, some new meaning opens up. Let us tell you that his father was an officer in the police, so his childhood was spent very well, but later he had to spend a lot of time in struggle. Listen to Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh’s three poems in News18 Hindi’s special podcast – Brahmarakshas, ​​me step-by-step, yesterday and today

NSI have an illusion that in every stone
shining diamond
The soul in every chest is impatient
Vimal is eternal in every summation.
I am confused that in every speech
epic pain

These lines are from Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh. In these lines of the poem, the way the world and its soul, its restlessness and its pain waving, that attitude and needless to say that no one can be other than Muktibodh. Today in the special podcast of News18 Hindi, we will be introduced to the works of this great poet of the difficult period filled with the sobriety of liberation. Friends, time is short and poems are long; But also necessary. That’s why without wasting time, I start the recitation of his poem titled Brahmarakshas.

Towards the ruins on that side of the city
abandoned stepwell
the inner
in the cold dark
The settled depths of water…
many steep stairs
In that old water…
can’t understand
such as the basis
But let’s get deeper.

surround the stepwell
Insert is very confused,
Standing silent Audumbar.
and on the branches
Hanging Cradle’s Nest
Abandoned brown rounds.
feeling of power
settling in the raw smell of wild green
float in the air
deep suspicion builds
Unknown of some past superiority that
There was a knock in the heart.

On these steps of the stepwell
pleasant green nudge
tugar is sitting
le flower star-white

with him
The fluttering clump of red flowers-
That Kanher of mine…
Towards a danger to which she calls
the dark open mouth of the stepwell
Zero strengths amber.

Void in those depths of the stepwell
The brahmarakshas is a paitha,
And the echo of the echo rising from within,
Flurry from the word crazy.
deep guess
body discoloration
counter to remove
To remove the shadow of sin, day and night
to clean-
body is getting worn out
equal to the paws of the hand,
arm-chest-mouth splash
do a lot clean,
still scum
Still scum!!

and… from the lips
Unique stotra no angry chants,
Or the tide of pure Sanskrit abuses,
head ridges
Glowing strings of criticism!!
The crazy flow of that unbroken bath….
There is a sense of darkness in the soul!!

But, deep well
on the inner wall of
slant fell ravi-rashmi
of flying atoms, when
ever reach the bottom
Then the Brahmarakshas understands that the Sun has
He bowed and said hello.

forgetting the path when the moonlight
the rays hit
somewhere on the wall,
Then the Brahmarakshasa understands
Vandana’s moonlight
Considered him as the guru of knowledge.

Very cheerful Kantkit body-mind same
continued to experience that even Nabha
Be requested to accept his superiority!!

and then with twice the dreadful omen
recognizable mind
From Sumerian-Babylonian folklore
melodious vedic hymns
And from then till date the Sutras, Mantras, Theorem,
to all lovers
that Marx, Engels, Russell, Toenby
that Heidegger and Spengler, Sartre, Gandhi also
of the perfect-ends of all
new lecture he
Bathing Brahmarakshas, ​​Shyam
of the precinct
Void in those dense depths.

……it thundered, resonated, agitated
Sounds rising from the depths, so
in a new period of delusional words
Every word intersects itself against every word,
That form also struggled with its image
is becoming
The sound is fighting with its echo here

On these steps of the stepwell
Manohar listens to green nudges
tugar flowers-stars white
those sounds!
Hear the soft flowers of karondas
Hears them ancient Odumbar
I’m hearing the same
spelled out in crazy symbols
that tragedy
Which got stuck in the stepwell.

x x x

very high a live dude
His dark stairs…
They belonged to an inner strange folk.
a climb and a descent,
climb up again and roll down,
sprained legs
And many wounds on the chest.
conflict between good and evil
they are also fiercer
between the better and the better
little success,
grand failure
…extremist perfection
The sorrows are so sweet…
geometric consistency
thanks to the sight of
high moral values
Self-conscious subtle moral values…
…satisfying exaggerated perfection
when was it easy
Human stories are so cute!!

sun rises
red blood flow
flowing over the walls,
rising moon
binds on the ulcer
white stripe
on furious spears
stars spread over the sky
to a number of decimals
exactly to the decimal point
In the tangled math field
was killed, he came in handy,
And he is lying…
chest-arms spread open
of a purifier.

Personality is like a soft crystal palace,
living in the palace
and the only steps to live
It was very difficult to climb.
they are rational
work coordinated
math ladder of equations
We leave it for him.
That sense, logic and action-coherence-plan-
in research
To all the wise men, to all the thinkers
to get that guru

But the era changed and came the fame-businessman
…wealth from beneficial work,
And out of wealth, heart and mind,
And, out of a rich conscience
feathers of truth
She screamed constantly.

self conscious but this
There was a vital discord in the personality.
Vishwachetas Bay-Banav !!
was in the stage of importance
Sad mind!
If I would have met him in those days
So the pain lives by itself
I tell him his own worth
Its importance!
and of that importance
we use for eg,
I tell the importance of that innerness!!

got crushed inside
And between the outer two hard bridges,
Such a tragedy is despicable!!

He himself in the stepwell
constantly saying in crazy symbols
how is he in the closet
doing my math
and died…
the thorns of the dense bush
in tama-vivar
like a dead bird
just left
That light unknown forever fell asleep
Why did this happen!
Why did this happen!!
I am Sajal-ur disciple of Brahmarakshas
want to be
So that his unfinished work,
the source of his pain
Compatible Complete Findings
I can reach

There is such a unique image in this poem that every time it is read, some new meaning opens up, like light slowly grows in darkness. Because of such poems, Muktibodh is called the bridge between progressive poetry and new poetry. Born on November 13, 1917 in Sheopur in district Morena of Madhya Pradesh, Muktibodh’s father was an officer in the police, so his childhood was spent in a very luxurious manner. But the later time had to be spent in a lot of struggle. Let’s hear his next poem- ​​Me step by step

me step by step
crossroads meet
Spread your arms!!

take one leg
that a hundred roads would split
And I want to go through them all
look very nice
their experiences and their dreams
everything seems real
A strange awkwardness emerges in the heart
i want to get into something deep
Know what to get!!

I’m confused that in every stone
shining diamond
The soul in every chest is impatient
Vimal is eternal in every summation.
I am confused that in every speech
epic pain
For a moment I want to pass through all
want to come across from every ur
I walk like this given to myself
Life is weird!!
in danger of being stupid
carry myself everywhere
and it’s a lot of fun to see
that i get cheated
in my heart
A happy fool is sitting
becomes tearful with laughter, becomes intoxicated
That the world…… becomes autonomous.

Throwing troubles into humor and then creating the energy to fight with that humor – I find the unique strength of Muktibodh’s creation. But it is not that there is only crying, exploitation and struggle in the poetry of Muktibodh. Muktibodh’s vision also rests on the change of nature and he keeps that change in a very positive way. Introducing the next poem – Yesterday and Today

abuses till yesterday
used to give you
Desperate Farmer,

until now
bathed in dust
flock of sparrows,

until now
was stoned
the soil of rich fields,

until now
The frogs were lying,
The sky was sad!

and today
raised above
your tent,

and today
Pavas Rani is shining
own anklets of drizzle,

and today
is turned on
The clarinet of prawns ceaselessly,

and today
roared loudly
dancing peacocks,

and today
came back life
Inside the scorched veins of the tail,

and today
summer gone silent
Cover your love and lashkar.

Yes friends, in this poem of Muktibodh, the summer has left after covering its love and with it it is our turn to bid farewell, but we are not bidding farewell to the poem of Muktibodh, by including them in ourselves, we all share each other. Taking off like a comma. Will meet again with another creator next time. Give permission to worship, Namaskar.


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