How beneficial is asafetida for children? What to keep in mind before giving it

Benefits Of¬†Asafoetida For Child : Talking about the diet of children, till 6 months after birth, mother’s milk is the only source of complete nutrition for them. After 6 months, children have to be brought on a light diet, such as semolina made in milk, mashed banana, porridge, thin khichdi etc. Although we know all these things from the time of our grandmothers, but do you know that in the diet of children? Asafoetida How beneficial is it to join? And when should they be given asafoetida? of only my Report According to this, the consumption of asafoetida for children is very safe, and many stomach problems of children can be overcome by this. However, some precautions have also been told in this report about asafoetida, which is also important to know. In the report, Nutritionist Varun Katyal is telling some benefits of asafetida for children.

Respiratory problems will go away
According to nutritionist Varun Katyal, the consumption of asafoetida cures diseases related to respiratory system in children. Because it has anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties, which are not only useful in relieving mild cough but can also provide relief from respiratory problems. Apart from this, if the child suffers from the problem of asthma or symptoms of asthma are seen in it, then this problem can also be overcome by the consumption of asafoetida.

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Benefits of boosting immunity
The report further states that asafoetida contains antioxidant elements, which are not only helpful in increasing the immunity of children, but are also beneficial in removing their body from many problems.

prevention of pneumonia
According to nutritionists, asafoetida has abundant antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which not only eliminate the bacteria causing pneumonia, but are also effective in treating pneumonia to a great extent.

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Digestive system will remain fit

The problem of flatulence or gas formation is often seen in children. Apart from this, problems related to stomach pain are also seen in some children, in such a situation, many stomach related problems can be overcome by the consumption of asafoetida and the digestion process of children can be made healthy.

There are also some precautions regarding asafoetida which it is important to be aware of.

Add asafetida in the diet of children only on the advice of the doctor.
If the child has any kind of allergy to asafetida, then tell the doctor about it.
If any medicine or tonic is going on for the child, then during that time ask the doctor before adding asafoetida to the diet.
When feeding asafetida to your child for the first time, wait a little while feeding asafetida for the second time.
Add only good quality asafoetida in the diet of children.
Find out the expiry date before consuming asafoetida.

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