How does cancer affect organ transplant recipients? This important information revealed in research

Organ Transplant Increases Cancer Risk : In a new research regarding organ transplant, it has been found that it can save life immediately, but increases the risk of infection and other diseases. According to the report published in Dainik Jagran, it has been found in the study that the risk of cancer increases in people who have transplant. Why does cancer occur after organ transplantation? This question has remained the first for many years for scientists. To find the answer to this, this important study has been done, which has been called ‘The American Cancer Society’ magazine.cancer‘ is printed in .

nature of study
Researcher at National Cancer Institute (NCI) Anne Michelle Noone And his colleagues analyzed organ transplant and cancer registry data in the US from 1987 to 2014 for this study. In which many types of organ transplants were done in people of different age groups. The study assessed how much cancer caused the reduction in the average life of people who had organ transplants.

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What happened in the study
During the study, researchers found that out of 2 lakh 21 thousand 962 people who underwent organ transplant from 1987 to 2014, 13 thousand 74 people (5.9 percent) developed cancer within 10 years of transplant surgery. The disease has reduced their lifespan by an average of 2.7 years. According to the analysis, 11 percent of the total reduction in lifetime due to other diseases is attributed to cancer.

Lung cancer fatal
Lung cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma were the worst affected people who had organ transplants. According to research, both of these led to a reduction in the life span of transplanters by 5-5 years. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a type of cancer, which starts in the lymphatic system of the body. It is part of our immune system, which works to fight germs.

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In this disease, white blood cells called lymphocytes start growing abnormally and can form tumors anywhere in the body. According to the study, this is the reason why those who had a lung transplant suffered the most from cancer after surgery. His life span was reduced by five years.

Advice to pay special attention to screening
Based on the results of this research, scientists say that special screening is recommended for the prevention of cancer in people who have organ transplant. For non-Hodgkin lymphoma, special attention needs to be paid to the screening of children. Similarly, there is a need to pay attention to transplanting the lungs of elderly people with smoking background.

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