How good sleep can improve immunity? learn about

Immunity helpGood sleep not only gives rest to the body but also strengthens our immunity. These days everyone is taking the vaccine and strengthening their immunity against Kovid. Many researches suggest that it is very important to have good sleep along with the vaccine to increase immunity. Apart from this, dietician Rujuta Diwekar also keeps giving many advice on social media about good sleep time and again. Here are such tips, with the help of which you will be able to know how sleep increases our immunity.

Vaccines and Sleep

These days everyone needs a vaccine and everyone is taking it. But along with taking the vaccine, it is also very important to take good sleep. According to a research, while taking h1n1 and hepatitis vaccine, people who did not sleep well, their immunity was found to be weak. At the same time, those who slept well had better immunity. It is important that whenever you take a vaccine, give your body a rest. Do not forget to take good sleep after taking the vaccine.

infection and sleep

Infection occurs when our body is about to become seriously ill. In such a situation, our body tells us through the process of infection. According to research, if sleep is not complete, then there is a high risk of infection. That’s why it is important to get enough sleep and keep the body healthy.

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do this for good sleep

Now we have come to know why and how important sleep is for us. That is why it is important that you make your room comfortable and relaxing for sleeping. The light of the room should be moderate before sleeping, the room should be cold. Apart from this, your mattress ie mattress should support your back well.

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