How important is ‘Me Time’ for women to stay stress free, know what experts say

Importance Of ‘Me Time’ For Women : In today’s run-of-the-mill life, it is everyone’s desire to gather some happy moments, whether it is a woman or a man. Even though it is easy for men to find time for themselves at times, they can go out somewhere with their friends. Many times there is a chance of going on tour due to office work. Even at home, after coming from work, he gets a no-disturbance zone alone. But in the case of women, it is very difficult to find time for themselves like this. Because due to family, career and all kinds of responsibilities, they do not get free time for themselves. It may be that some do not understand the importance of taking time for themselves in this ‘Me Time’ in their life. But science believes that women who are unable to take time for themselves, negative thinking increases in their mind. In such a situation, ‘me time’ means spending time with yourself is very beneficial for mental health, energy and to be stress free.

According to a research by Verizon Media, young Indian women spend about 145 minutes on their smartphones every day. And this time is for their own. In a news report published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, Psychologist Dr Yogita Kadian has told that many such women come to him, who get so upset about their daily work and quarrels that they become victims of stress. become. Due to which anger and irritability increase greatly in them.

why i need time
According to the psychologist, therefore women should understand the importance of Me Time for Women. Just like she takes care of the youngest member of the house to the elder of the house, she should also take care of herself.

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Give me time to children too
Dr Yogita further said that women should like they should take out time for themselves, in the same way they should leave children alone for a while, they should also give their time. So that they will be able to connect well with others.

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If the child spends the whole time with you only, then he will become emotionally dependent on you, which is not right. So take out me time for yourself and keep children away from yourself for some time. This Me Time will give you a better opportunity to charge yourself.

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