How is allergy to gold, know which gold will suit your skin?

Allergic to Gold : Many people are allergic to flower pollen, dust mites, animal smells and certain types of food, but these cannot be the only reasons for itching in your nose, nostrils and sneezing. The exposure of the skin to gold i.e. gold can also cause allergic reactions for some people. of healthline Report According to, it is not clear how many people have a reaction to gold. But in a 2001 study on gold allergy, out of 4101 people, about 9.5 percent people came out positive. In which the number of women was more. Although it is also clear that the allergy to gold is not actually due to gold, but due to the metal found in it, especially due to nickel.

If we talk about the symptoms of allergy to sleep, then they are like other types of allergies. The body reacts differently to allergies, yet they can be included in the symbolic symptoms.

– Swelling
– rash
– reddening of the skin
– Itching
– barking
– dark spots
– blistering

Symptoms of allergy are visible even after a long time
Sleep allergy symptoms can range from mild to severe. They can develop immediately after exposure to gold or after prolonged exposure.

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If you wear a gold ring or ring, the color of the skin on your finger may turn red, the color of the skin may change (discoloration) or there may be itching. You can see such symptoms on your ear or in your neck even after wearing gold earrings or gold necklace. The point to note here is that it can be difficult to differentiate a sleep allergy from other allergies, so you can assume the symptoms of eczema or any other type of skin contact inflammation are something similar. If you are allergic to gold, every time you expose your skin to gold, you are likely to have the same reaction.

Sources of gold and metal allergies

Gold sodium thiomalate: A gold compound used to reduce pain and inflammation in people with rheumatoid arthritis.
Gold dental crown: A dental cap or fixed prosthetic that is used to restore a broken tooth back.
– Gold-containing oral supplements: These may contain vitamin and mineral supplements, so be sure to read the ingredients label.
Gold-plated stents: Small tubes used to open blocked passageways in the body, such as blood vessels
Edible gold: Find the amount of gold pressed or brushed in or over chocolate and other sweet treats.
– Tattoo ink: If you are allergic to nickel, tattoos may make it more likely.
– Cellphones: May contain nickel.
– Cosmetics: These products may contain nickel and other metals.

Chances of reaction more than how many carats of gold
However, keep in mind that nickel is not easily detected in all gold jewelry. So if it’s actually nickel and you’re sensitive, the reaction can only happen if you’re wearing certain types of gold. Generally, the more pure gold a piece of jewelry contains, the less nickel it contains. Hence, you may not have a reaction to 24 karat gold (pure gold). In which 99.9 percent is gold. It contains less than 0.1 percent nickel and other metals. Similarly, you can be less likely to have a reaction with 18 carat gold, which is 75 percent gold. But if you wear only 12 karat or 9 karat gold – which contains high amounts of nickel or other metals, you may be more prone to a reaction.

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effect of white gold on skin
You are more likely to have a reaction with white gold. Yellow gold may contain nickel but is usually mixed or combined with silver or copper. Whereas white gold is mostly mixed with nickel.

What is the treatment for allergy to gold?
If you have symptoms like itching, swelling, redness and blisters on the skin after wearing gold jewelry, then the best way to treat this reaction is to use a topical corticosteroid cream. To reduce itching, make sure to keep your skin moisturized and apply a cold compress.

Contact your doctor in case of severe reaction. Because you may need a stronger medicine against allergies. To avoid future allergies, you can stop wearing jewelry completely.

what to look for in jewelry
The best way to prevent a reaction is to wear jewelry that suits your skin, which you don’t mind wearing. If you want, you can completely avoid gold jewelry, or wear only 18 or 24 carat gold jewelry. Since nickel is also the root cause of an allergy to gold, you may need to avoid other types of jewelry as well. This also includes costume jewelry.

As such, look for jewelry that is hypoallergenic, or nickel-free. You can also prevent skin reactions by wearing stainless steel or titanium. You can also stop wearing metal watchbands that are made of fabric, plastic and leather. But if your job is such that you have to wear gold jewellery, you can wear gloves to reduce the reaction.

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