How is cancer treatment affecting the tumor? This new technology will help – research

How Cancer Spread in the body Continuing efforts are going on around the world to solve the mystery of the rapid spread of cancerous tumors and the complications of its treatment. According to the report published in Dainik Jagran, in this sequence, researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology ie MIT have developed a technique that allows the production of circulating tumor cells ie CTC in mice. The rate and the time it stays in the blood flow (bloodstream) can be estimated. This will make it easier for scientists to know how fast different types of cancer spread in the body.

This research is published in the Nature Communications Journal. splashIt is. Let us tell you that when a tumor grows in a body part, it rapidly makes cells, these cells come into the blood stream. After this, these cells reach other parts of the body and form new tumors. This is called metastasis.

Successful in studying CTC originating from tumors
Senior Writer of the Study Scott Manalis reported that blood swaps between rats led to a direct assessment of how quickly CTCs enter the blood circulation and how long they take to clear them in real time. Through their new technique, researchers have been able to study CTCs arising from two types of tumors of the pancreas (pancreatic) and lung.

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What effect does treatment have on the tumor?
It is noteworthy that circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are very rare. Their number is only between one and 10 in one milliliter of blood. In recent years, researchers have adopted a process to capture these cells, so that more and more information can be obtained about the patients’ tumors. With this, the doctor will also be able to know how much effect the treatment is having on the tumor.

Researcher Scott Manalis further said that circulating tumor cells are such, which can be removed from the blood and it shows the way to the tumor. He says that this technique is much easier than biopsy.

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According to the researchers, it is very difficult to get CTC in rats, because they have only a little more than a milliliter of blood. Still, being able to study CTCs in mice gave researchers the answers to many questions about how fast tumors release them, how long they stay in the bloodstream, and how quickly new tumors form. .

How was the experiment done on rats?
Researchers created a system that could extract blood from a mouse with a tumor and put it in a healthy mouse. After this, blood from the healthy rat was returned to the tumor rat through a separate tube. In this way the researchers could analyze the whole blood of both the mice in less than an hour. In the course of the study, they analyzed three types of tumors, including pancreatic cancer and small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

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importance of study
Researchers who conducted this study hope that using this method can find out how different types of drugs affect CTC levels. Through this, it will be possible to know the concentration of CTC in real time and give proper medicine. Also, the possibility of controlling the half-life of CTC and its rate of birth can also be explored.

conclusion of this experiment
According to the report, talking about the conclusion of this experiment, the half-life of CTC in all three types of cancer cases was almost the same, which was 40 seconds to 250 seconds. Whereas there was a big difference in their birth rate. Small cell lung tumors can produce up to 100,000 CTCs per hour, while non-small cell lung tumors and pancreatic tumors produce only 60 CTCs per hour. Metastasis started after a few thousand CTCs in healthy mice. CTCs of small cell lung tumors also caused similar metastasis in healthy rat liver.

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