How much do you know about the oximeter that came in the discussion during the Corona period?

Know About Oximeter: When the havoc of Corona started in the country, then its investigation was being done only at one place in the country, but now people can get it tested at home. During the Corona period, the trend of many new things increased, so many old things have come into trend again. Pulse Oximeter is one such name. It was already used well in hospitals, but during the Corona period, it has reached door to door. The Hindu According to the news of the Pulse Oximeter, the measurement of two things tells. One heart beat is the rate of the heartbeat and the other is the measurement of oxygen saturated. Oximeter only gives information about oxygen saturated, not about heart beat. This small machine is put in the finger like a staple, after which it gives the reading. Oxygen saturated readings between 95 and 100 are considered normal. However, the corona cannot be tested with an oximeter. This shows that if the flow of oxygen in the blood has started decreasing, then the patient needs to be seen by the doctor.

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what is oximeter
A pulse oximeter is a small portable device. It is applied on the fingers. It measures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. It also has a monitor, a battery and a display. This device senses the pulse through diode and photo detector. From this it is found out that the level of oxygen saturated is in the hemoglobin of arterial blood. If the oxygen saturated level is low then there may be a need to go to the doctors.

how is it used
The device is strapped to the finger like a clip. Some oximeters are also placed in the toe or ear. After this, the photo detector installed in it gives information about the level of oxygen in the blood. This test takes only 10 seconds. It captures even the smallest changes in the body.

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Precautions while buying
Precautions need to be taken while buying an oximeter or pulse oximeter. Its price is maximum up to Rs 2000. It is available in the market by many names. Although the cost of some oximeters is very low, it can also give false readings. So choose a branded oximeter. If you trust Indian companies, then oximeters like Ambitec, Oxiset, Home Medics etc. are available in the market.

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