How much ghee should be mixed with food, know expert opinion

Perfect quantity of ghee: Indians have been using ghee with their food for centuries. There are some states of the country where no work can be done without ghee in food and drink. According to Ayurveda, pure ghee is beneficial for the body in many ways. But in modern lifestyle, there is often discussion about ghee and it is advised that ghee should not be consumed in excess. Although ghee has many benefits and it is also helpful in enhancing the taste of food manifold. Now the question is how much ghee should we eat daily. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has answered this question on her Instagram post. Along with this, its benefits have also been told.

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Different amounts of ghee with different foods
Rujuta Diwekar says, Ghee enhances the taste of food, but Ghee should not be mixed so much in the food that only the taste of Ghee remains and the taste of the food disappears. Diwekar said, how much ghee should be taken, it depends on what you are eating. Foods like dal-rice, khichdi, roti-sabzi require less ghee, whereas cheeses made from coarse grains like Puran Poli, Dal-Bati, Bajra Roti, etc., require more ghee. Diwekar says, our grandmothers know more in this matter. Whenever this question comes to mind, ask your grandmother. Those people used to make better use of ghee.

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Ghee strengthens the immune system
Many types of vitamins are found in ghee, which strengthen the body’s immune system. Diwekar told that ghee must be consumed with food at least once a day. For a man, 3 to 6 spoons of ghee is enough in a day. Remember, ghee enhances the taste of food, but do not add so much ghee that the main flavor of the food is lost.

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