How to comb wet hair? Know the right time and method to comb

Hair Combing Tips: In general, combing the hair gives many benefits to the hair. This keeps the hair strong and smooth. Improves scalp health and blood circulation. Also, the hair remains stronger than the root. Therefore, hair should be combed twice a day. But if the hair is wet, then how is it right to comb and what is the right time to comb, let us know.

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Do not comb wet hair

It is not right to comb wet hair as it causes many types of damage to the hair. Combing in wet hair weakens the hair and causes quick breakage. Along with this, if the hair is curly then the problem increases more. Due to this, the hair breaks a lot and it becomes very frizzy. Never comb after washing hair or after excessive sweating of hair. Comb the hair only after drying it thoroughly.

right time to comb hair

Normally it is right to comb twice a day at any time, but whenever you have to shampoo, you should comb the hair before washing the hair. With this, the hair gets settled, due to which it does not break and the dirt accumulated in the hair also gets removed. Also it becomes easy to shampoo and clean the hair properly and the hair does not get tangled during shampooing.

use this type of comb

Use a good quality comb for hair care. Also keep in mind that the comb should be with big teeth. It does not break the hair and it is very easy to untangle the tangled hair.

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what is the right way to comb hair

While combing your hair, divide your hair into two or four sections. Then start combing. Start combing from the middle and work your way up to the ends. Then move the comb up and down. After combing thoroughly, brush in the roots of the hair, in this way there will be no damage to your hair. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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