How to get good sleep in severe cold and cold? Learn Expert’s Suggested Tips

How To Sleep In Bad Cold: It is often seen that due to the change in the weather, people have to face the problem of cold and cough. Wherever we look around us, it seems that a ‘super cold’ is going on. The reason for this is due to change in weather as well as getting more mingling with people. In such a situation, people generally feel very bad due to headache, fever, cough and sneezing. So if you have caught any such symptoms, or whose Covid report has come negative and the case is not very serious, then there are some ways to reduce your symptoms and make things a little more bearable.

UK websiteMetroAccording to ‘, usually, there is a problem of sleep when there is a very severe cold and cold. Whether you have a cold or the problem of breathing is responsible for it. It becomes very difficult to take adequate rest when you have a cold. While you may feel that taking rest will improve your health a bit. That’s why the experts at MattressNextDay, one of the UK’s largest online mattress retailers, have put together some tips for getting a good night’s sleep. you should also know.

hot shower to clear sinuses
Taking a bath with warm water in winter can be relaxing when you have a cold. Because the steam of a hot bath can help thin and remove the mucus in your sinus problems, it makes breathing easier. To take advantage of this, make sure that the water is not too hot. You can also add some essential things to the steam water, apart from this, hanging a bag of lavender or peppermint near the shower head can also be beneficial.

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keep bedsheets cool
When you are battling cold and cold, then the temperature of your room becomes a very important factor for your sleep. Your room temperature should be 16 to 18 degree Celsius for a comfortable sleeping environment. You can consider fans, or other options, to lower the temperature of your room. Apart from this, there are other ways to cool down your bedsheet, such as keeping your bedsheet in a ziplock bag and keeping it in the fridge, so that it can cool down before sleeping. Due to which you will get good sleep.

Sip tea before bed (but at the right time)
Drinking tea before sleeping can not only soothe your sore throat, but the steam of this tea will help ease your congestion. But this work should be done 60-90 minutes before sleeping. So that you do not have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Peppermint tea has antibacterial and antiviral properties and has been shown to help clear the sinuses. Apart from this, you can also take chamomile tea, because this herb is very effective in the problem of insomnia.

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keep yourself hydrated throughout the day
Another fluid that you should drink a lot is water. You must be aware that staying hydrated has many health benefits, did you know that it can also help in dealing with stuffy nose at night? This is because staying hydrated helps keep the mucus inside your nose thin and moist. Aim to drink at least two liters of water per day.

assemble your pillows properly
Lying down can cause mucus to build up in your throat, which can lead to coughing and nighttime discomfort. To prevent this from happening, all you need to do is assemble your pillow properly, so that your head is elevated. What will happen with this is that your head will remain high and the blood flow will be downwards. It helps in clearing the sinuses. Just be sure not to use more than two pillows, as this can lead to back pain and discomfort.

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