How to reduce children’s screen time? These tips told by experts will come in handy

How To Reduce Screen Time Of Children: During the pandemic, the whole world has turned into a virtual world. Mobiles, tablets, laptops and internet have now become a part of student life. In such a situation, parents are worried about the fact that it is affecting the eyes as well as their mind. In such a situation, the question is running in their mind that how can digital interface be reduced in the life of children. So that the learning of children does not stop and screen time can also be monitored.

Let me tell you that many Studies It has come to the fore that how much time children are spending on the screen, it is important that but more than that it is also important that what content are they watching? In the news report of Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, Psychiatrist Dr Samir Parikh has given some suggestions regarding this. Dr. Sameer Parikh says that even today there is talk of reducing this digital interface, but its importance cannot be denied. It gives students a chance to reduce stress, but despite this, the most important thing to understand is that how much time children give to these mediums? Meaning how much is their screen time?

According to Dr Sameer, children should take a break every once in a while while using gadgets. This break should mean that the child is completely away from the digital world for a while. This should not happen, he removed from the laptop and sat down to do something again in the mobile or tablet.

Tips To Reduce Screen Time Of Kids- Promote Other Activities
Dr Sameer Parikh says that when your child is going through such a situation, parents should send them to different activities classes, like guitar or dancing class, painting class etc. Along with this, parents should encourage children in their favorite sports. So that they stay away from gadgets.

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Parents spend time with child
According to Dr Sameer, it is not that all the steps are for children only. Parents should also keep away from these gadgets for some time and play offline games with their children. This positive approach of yours will have a direct impact on the children.

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Keep distance from the phone on the dining table
Dr Samir Parikh says that parents should also keep themselves away from the phone at the dinner table. And every member of the house should follow this rule. It should be that the dining table should help in making the atmosphere of the house pleasant. Children’s eyes should be on the ear blank and not on the screen of the mobile. Fifth note of musical scale

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