Human library, where there are no books, the character gets a chance to read

Know The Concept Of Human Library : Generally library is a world of books where human goes to understand things and increase knowledge. But there is also a library where the characters of the story tell their own tales, that too by sitting in front of you. Yes, it has been named Human Library. Here the characters take you to their stories and they themselves answer all the questions arising in your mind. This world is between the people living in those unseen and unheard conditions and the people who are curious about them. Here all kinds of questions arising in the mind can be asked and their direct and direct answer can be found from the right source. These are the questions and answers that we usually have no one around to give. So let’s know about it.

What is Human Library

Actually the Human Library is a International It is an organization whose purpose is to create social connections between all types of people and to remove the confusion between them. With its help, it helps people to come out of any kind of prejudice. Actually it is a ‘human library’ of ‘human books’ which the institute organizes from time to time, by attending which you can take your favorite ‘human book’. That is, you can spend some time with him and talk about those issues in which he specializes.

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what is its history

The first human library in the world was started in the year 2000 in Denmark. Ronnie Ebergel, a young man here, together with his brother and friends, embodied this idea, using the experience of ‘human books’ to create a better world. Gradually this idea became so popular that human libraries were built in many places in the world. Australia is the first country to have a permanent human library. So far, such a library is being run in 80 countries, which has been given many international awards for the best work in the field of Human Rights.

what kind of human books are these

Institution It is said that all the human books in the Human Library are volunteers whom we usually do not meet and society sees them from a different perspective. These human books are personal experience in their topic. According to the organization, this is a place where the toughest questions are expected and appreciated when asked.

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Increasing trend in India too

Human libraries are being run in our country at present in nine cities including Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Chennai, Mumbai. The specialty of these human libraries is that here the reader sits in front of the ‘human book’ with his prejudices and on that issue. Clears his understanding about which he was not aware till now.

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