Identify fake chili powder like this yourself at your home

Identify to adulterated chilli powder:There are many such things in your kitchen, which look very good, but they are not good. Adulteration is common in milk, curd, ghee, oil, flour, coriander, turmeric, chilli and even vegetables. Earlier, many types of chemicals were used to grow vegetables, but now chemicals are also added to make vegetables attractive. Not only this, injection is also used to ripen fruits. Most of the damage is caused to us by adulteration in spices. In such a situation, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India i.e. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has given an easy way to identify real and fake chillies. FSSAI has shared a video on Twitter in which it has been explained in detail about the easy trick to identify real and fake chili powder.

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Lab is not needed to identify adulterated chillies
FSSI has told in the video that chili powder is usually mixed with brick powder, salt and cheap substances soluble in water. It is injurious to health. The caption of the video post reads, ‘Is your chili powder adulterated with brick powder or sand powder? So let’s find out adulteration in food items. FSSI said that there is no need of lab to identify adulterated chillies. FSSI has suggested a very simple way to identify the original Lach Chilli Powder which you can also use at home and it does not require any lab.

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How to identify real and fake chili powder
First of all fill water in a glass. Put a spoonful of red chili powder in water. Now do not stir the chili powder with a spoon, but let the chili automatically go to the bottom of the glass in the water. When this is done, take the soaked chili powder in the palm and rub it lightly. If you feel a little gritty after rubbing, then it is adulterated. At the same time, if the soaked chili powder looks smooth or greasy, then understand that soap powder has been mixed in it.

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