If the child refuses to sleep, then follow these measures

Parenting Tips: Putting the Kids to Sleep Of for Sometimes parents have to work hard But during this they Some Such mistakes do go Huh. Because of which children are not able to sleep easily, small kids To to sleep (Sleep) Of for a little Attention Give falls Is Because if Children Of Sleep Complete No Hui So you with them problems NS face Doing may need Is.

The child remains irritable due to lack of sleep. Here kids To to sleep the ones something like Tips Huh, whose Help From kids To to sleep In enough ease Will be. Apart from this, good habits will also be formed in them which are necessary for the future.

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Sleeping dress:-

children To to sleep Of for comfortable And lightweight Colour Of Clothes to wear Of for Select. Make sure to change the clothes of the children every day before sleeping. by this kids To Sleep Too Good come Is.

massage Doing:-

children To to sleep time eucalyptus, coconut Oil e.t.c From massage do it. Baby calms down with massage Comfort Of Sleep s / o go.

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story Tell:-

children To stories Plenty like would have Huh. Inculcate the habit of storytelling in children from the very beginning instead of phones and tabs. Its Benefit parents For them to sleep time Take Can Huh. Children To to sleep Time Story recite So that they Soon s / o Go.

light Light:

children To gold Of for rooms In light Light to be needed So that they Understand the difference between night and day. Apart from this, they will feel relaxed in dim light.

Blanket NS Election:-

children To sleeping time Blowing Of for Soft And Restdonor Blanket NS use. Season Of According blanket/sheet NS Election do it.if Child air conditioner In s / o Stayed Is So Quilt Or Blanket NS Experiment Of course do it. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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