If the skin peels off by wearing new shoes, these methods will remove the problem

Tips to Make Shoes Comfortable: Many times it happens when we wear new shoes of our choice with great enthusiasm. But on wearing them, problems like blisters and peeling skin come to the fore. So sometimes its size feels bigger in one leg. Sometimes the problem of sweating in the feet starts bothering. To get rid of such problems, you can adopt these methods mentioned here. Let’s know about it.

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Band-Aid will help

If there is a problem of skin peeling or blisters from the feet when wearing new shoes. So before wearing shoes, take any cotton Band-Aid and apply it in your shoes. It can be applied on rough areas or on rubbing feet. The Band-Aid reduces the friction between the soft skin on your feet and the shoes.

Newspaper roll will work

They often feel tight when wearing new shoes. Due to which the skin of the feet starts peeling. In such a situation, the role of the newspaper can be useful for you. With the help of this bootleg can be increased to some extent. For this, you take many newspapers and make a thick paper roll out of them. Make this paper roll so thick that the bootleg can spread. Keep the shoes somewhere only by putting a newspaper roll in the shoe. Remove this roll from the shoe only when the shoes are to be worn.

You can also use hair spray

Sometimes the insoles of some shoes are slippery too. Due to this, the feet are not able to stay stable in the shoe. This often happens when for some reason the foot feels big when wearing shoes. Or due to some difference in both the legs, they feel loose in one leg. In such a situation, before wearing shoes, apply a little hair spray on your feet. Due to this the feet will be well stabilized in the shoes.

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can put sanitary pads

When wearing new shoes, there is often a problem of peeling of the upper part of the heel. To overcome this problem, you can put sanitary pads in the shoes. By using this, you will get rid of sweat coming in the feet and also the foul smell coming from it.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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