If the tooth brush is old then use it in these ways, money will be recovered

Uses of Old Tooth Brush: For the proper care of their teeth, most of the people prefer to use extra soft tooth brush of good company. For which you have to spend fifty or more rupees for a tooth brush every three to four months. Although this is not a huge amount, but after the corona lock down, even this little money is felt more by many people. In such a situation, by using your old tooth brush for cleaning some important things, you can recover full money from it. So let’s know for what things you can use the old tooth brush.

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jewelry cleaning

After wearing any kind of jewelery many times, it is bound to get dirty. You can use an old tooth brush to remove its dirt. By cleaning with a tooth brush, the dirt between the jewelery designs can also be easily cleaned.

blender blade cleaning

Normally everyone uses a blender while cooking. But after using it, it becomes very difficult to wash its blade. You can use an old tooth brush to clean it.

Comb and hairbrush cleaning

Even after washing the comb or hair brush several times, dirt remains in between them. It is not easy to clean it normally. You can use an old tooth brush to clean this dirt and dirt.

computer keyboard cleaning

While using a laptop or desktop computer, a lot of dust and dirt starts accumulating in its keyboard. Which, despite cleaning it with a cloth, is not able to be cleaned properly. In such a situation, the help of a tooth brush with soft bristles can be taken to clean the computer keyboard. It can easily clean the dust and soil accumulated between the keys.

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cleaning water bottles

Water bottles are used in every household. Due to the lack of easy cleaning inside the bottle, people clean these bottles only on the top. Because of which there is a fear of bacteria growing in them. You can use these old tooth brushes to clean the inside of these bottles. You can use a wooden or plastic waste stick to enlarge the handle of the brush.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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