If there are questions in mind about the end of Corona, know what scientists say

When Will Covid End: The havoc of Corona has created havoc everywhere. There is no area of ​​life that Corona has not affected. The world is hazy. Even now there are locks on schools and colleges in some places. People are not going to office. In such a situation, there is only one question in everyone’s mind that when will this corona go away completely. In answer to this question, scientists have given scary signs. ndtv According to the news, scientists have said that the corona may engulf all of us or it may not go away until everyone gets the corona vaccine.

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Corona will end in this situation
Some people also feel that the corona may not come now, but scientists do not agree with this at all, but their fear is even more scary. Some scientists believe that before the end of the corona, either all the people would have taken the vaccine or almost all the people would have been infected. This means that till the corona does not happen to all the people on the earth or all the people on the earth do not get the vaccine, then the corona is not going to go away.

Scientists also say that there will be some people who can get corona infection twice. Some scientists also feel that the fight between the corona virus and humans cannot end until the corona touches us all.

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Adviser to the US President said this
Michael Osterholm, advisor to US President Joe Biden and director of the American Center for Infection Disease Research and Policy, says, “As far as I see, corona infection is increasing continuously around the world. Then it will come down and then I am also seeing that by the end of the year or during the winter, the case of corona will pick up again.

Osterholm said, “We are fighting a battle to climb the top of the valley.” This is what we are going to do for the next several years. In the meantime, we will also get many more vaccines which will also help but the challenges will not be reduced. I do not know when we measure this valley, but I can say that this corona virus is like a fire in that forest which will not stop until we burn human-like wood according to our ability.

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