If there is a burning sensation in the tongue, then treat it with these home remedies

Tips to cure of burning tongue: Sometimes there is a burning sensation in the tongue. Why don’t you eat anything, something went near the tongue that burning starts in the tongue. Many times suddenly some hot things are taken inside the mouth, then it also feels like burning in the tongue. This causes blisters. Medical News According to the news of this, burning in the tongue can also be caused by sudden hot food and can also be due to burning mouth syndrome (BMS). In both these situations, it seems as if hot water has gone inside the mouth. Many times we eat hot food in hunger, due to which our tongue burns. Many times our tongue gets burnt by unknowingly consuming hot tea or coffee, due to which blisters appear on the tongue. Due to burning in the tongue, not only the tongue is affected but the upper or lower part of the mouth, the inner part of the cheeks and the gums and even the lips can be affected.

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Causes of burning in tongue
Many times the tongue gets burnt due to eating hot water or hot food. This is a common cause but burning mouth syndrome can occur due to some other reasons. Tongue can also burn due to allergies, anxiety, depression, dry mouth, geographic tongue, infection etc.

Treat like this with home remedies

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do ice training
Whether it is a sudden burn of the tongue or BMS due to taking hot things in the mouth, in both the cases keeping ice in the mouth provides immediate relief. You can put ice on the tongue and suck it, it keeps your mouth hydrated. If you want, you can also take ice cream, it will give you relief. Ice cream will reduce the swelling of the tongue and relax the tongue. You can also drink cold-cold juice or cold water.

Avoid Acidic and Alcoholic Foods
When the tongue is burnt, avoid acidic things, such as tomatoes, lemon, soda, citrus juices etc. Apart from this, stay away from alcohol at all. Spicy things can also increase the burning sensation in the tongue.

have honey
The antioxidants present in honey are very helpful in reducing inflammation, which provides instant relief from burning sensation in the tongue. To get rid of ulcers quickly, keep it in the mouth like this two-three times.

Yogurt is also effective
Curd is very beneficial to reduce burning sensation in the tongue. The good bacteria present in it help in reducing inflammation. Eat a spoonful of curd immediately after burning the tongue. Take a spoonful of curd and keep it on your tongue for a few minutes before swallowing, you will get relief.

drink mint
Mint also provides instant relief to burning sensation in the tongue. It has the properties of menthol which numb the burning area, thereby reducing the pain. The antibacterial properties present in mint protect the skin from damage.

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