If there is a deficiency of iron in children, then give almond-fig milk shake, prepare in this way

Iron deficiency : If your child refuses to eat, then it is going to increase your tension. Because all the time you are busy thinking that there should be such a thing that the child can eat and get complete nutrition. Generally it has been seen that children who show tantrums in food, they do not get enough nutrition. Due to which there is a lack of iron in the body. ) takes place.

Iron is very important for children, as this nutrient helps in making blood in their body. If it is lacking, then children can become a victim of anemia. According to the news of NBT, parents should try to keep iron in their children’s diet in abundance with the help of some tasty recipes.

Almond and Fig Milk Shake
We are telling you about one such recipe which will supply iron in children and save them from anemia. You can make milkshake of almonds and figs for your baby. Figs have a good amount of iron and almonds are full of nutrients.

how to make shake
To make this shake, you need 10 to 12 figs, 12 to 15 almonds, two and a half cups of cold milk and one to two teaspoons of sugar or jaggery. Soak almonds in a cup of water, wash the figs and soak them in water. Almonds should be well soaked and become soft. Take off its peel. Cut the figs and almonds into small pieces.

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Now put them in a blender and blend it well, when it becomes a paste, then add milk to it.
Blend the mixture of figs and almonds in milk until well mixed. After this take it out in the jug and mix it by adding sugar or jaggery and now serve it.

Benefits of Shake
Almond is the most healthy dry fruit, which contains healthy fat, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. Almonds protect against anemia and are rich in iron. They help in transporting oxygen to the rest of the body. There are many types of vitamins in figs which strengthen the bones of the child. They protect against anemia and improve immunity.

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