If there is cream in curd, then the Dahi-Bhalle becomes royal, to taste the taste, reach the ‘Royal Dahi-Bhalle’ of Krishna Nagar.

(Dr. Rameshwar Dayal)

Famous Food Joints In Delhi-NCR: Talking about Khomcha dish, Dahi-Bhalle, Papdi, Golgappa are considered to be Khomcha dish from the very beginning. But with the changing times, this khomcha dish has made a tremendous infiltration in the mind and tongue of the people. This khomcha dish, once a favorite for women, is appealing to every age and class nowadays. Go to any market of the capital, you will definitely see the curd-bhalla to eat. Today we are taking you to a similar Dahi-Bhalle shop. Cream mixed with curd mixed with curd and much more makes this dish royal. Rich in appearance and also rich in food, the Dahi-Bhalle of this shop.

Spices added to curd-balls and many more add life to the taste
Krishna Nagar is very famous in some old areas and colonies of Yamunapar. Its D block is the old shop of ‘Shahi Dahi Bhalle’. It would be better if this shop is considered to be a royal stall shop in the true sense. The reason for this is that the other dishes found here are considered to be the dishes of the horses. Since the name of the shop is on Dahi-Bhalle, then it can be assumed that this dish sold here will be very tasty, delicious and satisfying to the tongue. Watch Dahi Bhalle being made at this shop, seeing it, the tongue will feel like a flutter. The Bhallas filled in the water cauldron are squeezed and placed in a plate.

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Then mashed boiled chickpeas and boiled potatoes are spread over them. To make this dish tasty, they roast their aromatic and spicy spices. After that the Bhallas are soaked with thick curd. Then, after the saunth (sweet chutney), green chutney, once again special spices are sprinkled. The matter did not end here. On top of this dish chopped coriander leaves, after bhaji, red-red grains of pomegranate are left. By eating this colorful dish, you will feel that you have been looking for such a taste for years.

Creamy curd makes their dish royal
In fact, their curd is effective in bringing this dahi-bhalla to the right taste. Curd is made from full cream milk. After settling, cream is poured into it and by stirring it becomes thick. This curd and the spicy masala that spreads its fragrance fills the curd-bhalle. Dahi-Bhalle plate costs Rs 90. The price of papdi chaat, bhalle-papri is also the same. If you try this shop stuffed papdi, its taste is even better. Its plate costs Rs 100. One can also enjoy six golgappas for 30 rupees with hot and spicy water. The hot potato tikkis available at this shop also fills the tongue and mind with green and red chutney.

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Shahi Dahi-Bhalle has been feeding for 20 years
This shop was started 20 years ago by Sardar Satwinder Singh. Now son Harneet is also helping him with him. He says that purity and cleanliness is our quality, which attracts the customers towards us. They also say that our own made spicy, aromatic and spicy masala brings life to the recipe. The shop starts functioning at 3 pm and the goods continue to be sold till 10 pm. There is no holiday.

Nearest Metro Station: Krishna Nagar

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