If these problems are related to pain, then it could be sciatica, do not ignore it

How to cure Sciatica pain: Sciatica is a common pain that occurs due to the weakening or affecting of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica is the largest nerve of the body which runs from the spinal cord to the feet. In sciatica, the pain can be gradual and can also be very sharp. Usually it occurs due to swelling of the veins related to the waist. In this, there is unbearable pain till the back and the bottom of the foot. There is a lot of weakness when there is sciatica. Apart from this, there is a problem in lifting heavy weights. Along with this, there is a strong tingling in the feet. Its pain increases so much that sometimes the toe and fingers become numb. Ignoring this problem also starts having a bad effect on the internal nerves of the body. Therefore, there is a need to recognize the symptoms of sciatica in time and get the right treatment. Here we are telling about the symptoms of sciatica.

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symptoms of sciatica
Pain on getting up or sitting or any kind of movement.
Feeling of weakness or numbness in the legs.
Tingling or prickling sensation in the toes.
Gradual increase in pain in the waist.
Feeling of pain in the back of the foot.
Increased pain in the back of the leg when sitting.
Pain in hips.
Pain in the back of the leg on one side.
Feeling of severe pain in the legs while standing.

due to sciatica
There are many causes of sciatica. Sciatica can also occur due to problems in the nerves of the spinal cord or complications in the nerves of the back. Injury can also cause sciatica. Sometimes the nerves get stretched due to falling somewhere, due to which sciatica occurs. Only the doctor can find out the real reason.

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how to reduce sciatica pain
In case of pain, applying ice pack on the painful area provides relief. Frozen vegetables can also be wrapped in a towel and applied to the affected area.
Heating pad provides relief in sciatica pain. If ice packs do not relieve pain, use a heating pad. Apart from this, sometimes using heating pads and sometimes ice packs at an interval of two-three days gives relief.
Stretching also provides relief in sciatica. The pain can be reduced with the help of stretching the lower back. Yoga is also helpful in sciatica. If yoga is done under the supervision of the instructor, then it gives relief.

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