If you are bored after eating lentils and rice, then bring twist in taste like this

If You Are Bored By Eating Lentils And Rice Everyday, Then Increase Its Taste In This Way : Rice and lentils (Lentils and Rice) are the daily food in most of the households of India. People eat rice dal at one time in the whole day’s meal. When we eat the same preparation every day as a routine meal, it is natural that we get bored with food. In such a situation, we start looking for its alternative. But it is also necessary to include them in the daily diet. In such a situation, while making rice dal itself, if you bring some twists and change the way of making it, you can change its taste. In such a situation, here we are telling you that by adopting which tips you can make rice dal in a new taste every day.

give new tempering

You can change its taste by changing the tempering of lentils. This work will be very easy and it will not take much time to do it. If you want, sometimes tempering of cumin, ghee and asafoetida, then sometimes mustard, mustard oil and curry leaves. Similarly, you can also give tempering of garlic, cumin, ghee and sometimes tomato, ghee, chili, if you like spicy then you can use different chilies daily.

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garlic tempering

The tempering of garlic with lentils looks very special. Especially if you are making masoor dal, then it becomes even more delicious. You mix two cloves of garlic, one chopped green chili, a little asafoetida and sprinkle ghee with cumin. Its flavor will enhance your taste.

Use different pulses

There are many types of pulses available in the market. In such a situation, you can sometimes use moong dal, sometimes masoor dal, gram dal and sometimes urad dal. Such changes will give you a new test every day.

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Experiment with rice

You can experiment with your rice to give it a new look and taste. For this, you can make cumin rice, sometimes vegetable rice, sometimes corn rice and sometimes tomato rice. It is good for both taste and health. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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