If you are happy then definitely clap, know the amazing benefits of Clapping Therapy

Health Benefits Of Clapping: Clapping is related to expressing happiness. But do you know today that clapping also affects our health? Yes, you must have often seen people clapping in the park too. Not only this, yoga gurus are also seen many times on TV telling the importance of applause. Although it sounds a bit strange, but playing applause can improve your mental health rapidly.

the healthsight According to this, there are a total of 340 pressure points in our body, out of which 29 are in our hands. In such a situation, there are many benefits from clapping. These pressure points are directly connected to different parts of the body and when we clap, many types of pain are also relieved.

clapping gives these benefits

There are many energy points in our body and clapping helps in stimulating them. In such a situation, when we clap for 10 to 15 minutes, then these points become active.

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Clap strengthens both the mind and the body. When you stimulate your physical and mental aspects by clapping early in the morning, it keeps you positive and good mood throughout the day.

This is an exercise that people of all ages can easily do and increase the fitness level.

– Clapping can get rid of stomach problems, neck and lower back pain, kidney and lung problems etc.

Blood circulation can be improved by clapping. With this, problems like high blood pressure or hypotension can also be kept under control.

Clapping therapy is also very beneficial in digestive system problems.

– Clapping therapy improves the performance of children. Clapping also reduces the problem of writing and children reduce spelling mistakes.

The immunity of the body increases.

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clap like this

Sit in Padmasana or Vajrasana and raise your arms up. Raise such that your lower hand and fingers are towards the ceiling and make a 90 degree angle with your upper arm and shoulders. Now open your palms and keep your body straight while pulling it upwards and clap. During this, keep breathing normally and when your palm feels warm, take a break. Warm palms indicate that your blood circulation is increasing and you are clapping better.

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