If you are troubled by mosquitoes, then adopt these home remedies, even more effective than coils, mats!

Mosquitoes Home Remedies: No one is untouched by the trouble caused by mosquitoes. This small looking creature is the father of many serious diseases. Recently, dengue has spread rapidly in the country. This disease has also taken the lives of many people. Serious diseases like dengue, malaria and yellow fever are also caused by mosquito bites. It is generally seen that even after many efforts, we fail to drive away mosquitoes from homes. Even the best quality coils, mats and sprays fail to repel mosquitoes. By using these chemical-rich things to drive away mosquitoes, the smoke coming out of them proves to be harmful for us only.
If you are also troubled by the terror of mosquitoes, then we are going to tell you some home remedies, using which you can prevent mosquitoes from flying around you to a great extent. Many times this domestic
Remedies prove to be more effective than expensive products.
Try These Home Remedies

1. Camphor – Although camphor is used as a worship material, but it is also a very effective way to drive away mosquitoes from the house. If the terror of mosquitoes increases in the house in the evening, then you
First close all the windows and doors of the room and then burn camphor. Let the smoke of camphor spread throughout the room. After that open the main door. By doing this all the mosquitoes will run away because of the smoke.

2. Garlic – Garlic and mint can also be used to drive away mosquitoes from you. Mosquitoes run away from the smell of garlic, so by applying garlic juice and applying it on the body, mosquitoes will not come near. Mint juice is also effective in the same way.

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3. Alcohol Spray – You can also use alcohol to get rid of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes cannot tolerate the smell of alcohol. In such a situation, if you fill alcohol in a spray bottle and spray it, then the mosquitoes will run away.

4. Basil – By the way, Tulsi has a store of medicinal properties. Mosquitoes do not come near that place by planting a Tulsi plant. If you are troubled by mosquitoes, then take out the juice of basil and apply it on your body. This will also give relief from mosquito bites.

5. Marigold, Lavender flower – The fragrance of marigold and lavender flowers is very effective in driving away mosquitoes. You can use lavender oil in the form of a spray in the rooms of the house. Marigold flower fragrance
It is very useful in driving away mosquitoes and flying insects.

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6. Cow dung cakes – The use of cow dung cakes is also a good home remedy to drive away mosquitoes from the house. When there are a lot of mosquitoes in the room, at that time all the windows and doors of the house are closed and cow dung
Smoke the conduit and come out. Come after a while and open all the windows and doors. All the mosquitoes in the house will run away.

7. Wear full sleeve clothes – Along with taking all the measures to drive away mosquitoes, wear a full sleeve shirt or kurti at home to avoid their bite. This gives relief from mosquito bites to a great extent. Apart from this, do not allow water to stagnate anywhere in or around the house, because mosquito larvae thrive in these waters.

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