If you are troubled by stress and low confidence, then look at yourself in the mirror, you will feel the difference.

Mirror Gazing For Mental Health : Everyone likes to look at themselves in the mirror (Mirror Gazing). Then whether it is to look to fix the hairstyle or to fix the random dress. But let us tell you that if you are feeling stressed and lacking in confidence, then look at yourself in the mirror. This will boost your confidence tremendously. Actually, with the help of mirror, you can also increase self-kindness and self-compassion towards yourself. Both of these are very important things for our mental health, which not only increases our confidence but also gives mental peace. This is also called mirror gazing meditation, with the help of which you focus yourself and start seeing yourself from the perspective of yourself, not from the perspective of the world.

What is Mirror Gazing Meditation

Healthline According to, mirror gazing meditation is actually such a method of meditation in which you are attentive to yourself instead of closing your eyes and thinking about other things in the world. When you look at yourself with only your eyes for a while and think about your gestures, thoughts etc. then you go into deep intimacy which gives you a lot of power. It helps you to put an end to the conflict going on inside you and gives you peace. It is very beneficial for your mental health.

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Benefits of looking at yourself in the mirror

1. Chance to Know Yourself

When we take some time for ourselves in the mirror and look at our flaws and strengths, then we get a chance to know about ourselves. Along with knowing the external form of ourselves, we are also able to get closer to our soul and we are able to stop the conflict inside.

2. aware of emotions

The pressure of the world has a profound effect on us at times and in such a situation, we feel alone and feel suffocated. In such a situation, this technique takes you closer to you and becomes aware of your own feelings. This is the best way to understand yourself.

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3. Get yourself strong

Looking at yourself in the mirror makes you feel strong from inside. This is the only way in which you do not need the judgment of others and you judge yourself by yourself. It gives you confidence and strength.

To feel better, look at yourself in the mirror

Go to a quiet place and stand or sit in front of the mirror.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath for 5 minutes

After this open the eye and match the eye with your reflection.

Take a deep breath and try to listen to the breath.

Concentrate on your own expression and thinking.

Try to feel your own body, joints, body part, your own temperature.

You can do this process for 10 to 20 minutes.

During this, review yourself and see yourself from your perspective.

-You’ll feel better.

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