If you are troubled by vomiting while traveling, then these home remedies can cure this disease

Tips to prevent vomiting while traveling: Vomiting in travel is a big problem for some people. Due to this disease, the person not only has to suffer physically, but they also have to face embarrassment during the journey. Because of this embarrassment, many times such people do not even like to go anywhere. In medical language, this disease is called motion sickness. In motion sickness, there is a problem of vomiting or nausea while traveling by car, bus, ship, airplane, truck, etc. Vomiting does not stop during the travel of people due to motion sickness. family doctor According to the website, motion sickness is not a life threatening disease, but it creates a very uncomfortable situation during travelling.

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Symptoms of motion sickness i.e. vomiting during travel
Vomiting is the main symptom during motion sickness. Apart from this, the color of the skin comes off. Motion sickness causes severe headache and excessive sweating. It gets dizzy very fast. In this situation the patient does not have the courage to do anything.

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Tips to avoid motion sickness
If you have a persistent problem of motion sickness, sit in the front seat of the car. If traveling in a boat, sit in the middle. When in a train, always keep your face in the forward direction, that is, on the same side as the train is going.

To avoid motion sickness, always sit next to the window in the train or bus where there is fresh air. By getting fresh air, you will feel better and will not vomit.
If you vomit during travel, eat light food. Going on a journey without eating anything causes more motion sickness. A light and healthy diet is effective in getting rid of motion sickness.

Do not try to read anything while traveling. When uncomfortable, lie down or lean on the seat.

If you are troubled by vomiting during the journey, then Aak leaf proves to be very helpful in preventing vomiting. Take a leaf of mango and keep the smooth part of it on the soles of the feet and wear socks on top of it, you will get relief from vomiting in the journey.

Consuming curd and pomegranate before the journey can save you from the problem of vomiting in the journey. You will also get benefit by consuming only curd.

If you have to travel in the morning, then soak a spoonful of cumin, coriander and fennel in a glass of water before sleeping at night and consume it in the morning. There will be no vomiting in the journey.

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