If you do not get time for makeup, then follow these 5 beauty hacks, it will not take time to get ready

How To Get Ready In Few Minutes : Be it office going women or house wife, both lack time. She is unable to pamper herself in her run-of-the-mill life and despite having all the means of makeup, she keeps herself beyond makeup. The reason for this is that they do not have time. But if you organize your lifestyle a little more and take out two minutes for yourself, then you can pamper yourself despite all the busyness. So let us tell you today how you can be ready in 5 minutes. For this you have to take help of only 5 beauty hacks.

beauty hacks to get ready faster

1. Do this work at night

Whenever you go to sleep at night, then definitely include skin care in your night routine. For example, before sleeping, clean the face with face wash and sleep with rose water or night cream too. Your face will look very fresh in the morning. In such a situation, you will look beautiful even by applying only kajal and lip gloss.

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2. Use BB or CC Cream

It takes time to apply heavy foundation and concealer and let them settle. In such a situation, use BB or CC cream with your moisturizer in the morning. It will bring glow to your face and your skin will look clean.

3.Lip Gloss Is Enough

If you do not have any time, then you must keep lip gloss in your purse. Apply it on the lips as soon as you get time. You can also spread it over the eyes with light hands. This will make you look cool.

4. Do this work for the feet

Whenever you go to sleep at night, apply cream on your face as well as your feet. If they are bursting then do not forget to apply Vaseline on them.

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5. Give volume to the hair like this

If there is no time to shampoo the hair, then sprinkle talcum powder in the roots of the hair and brush it in the hair. Your hair will look fluffy. It would be better to sleep after washing your hair at night.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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