If you do not want infection in the body, then clean these parts while taking a bath

Body Parts Cleaning: It is not possible to clean every part of the body while taking a bath because normally people take bath in a hurry. In such a situation, people apply soap on the body, but there are many important parts which do not pay attention. Whereas it is necessary to clean every part to protect the body from infection. Let us tell you today which parts of the body need to be cleaned while taking a bath.

navel cleaning

There will be very few people who even clean the navel daily while taking a bath. While cleaning it is also very important. If the navel is not cleaned, dirt starts accumulating in it. Due to which bacteria start growing and there is a risk of foul smell and infection. Therefore cleaning the navel is also important. If for some reason you are unable to clean the navel while taking a bath, then you can easily clean it later by applying oil or warm water to the cotton wool.

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cleaning the ankles
Feet come in contact with dirt on a daily basis. Due to which dirt accumulates between the ankles and toes of the feet. People do not pay attention to their cleanliness while taking a bath. Whereas by not cleaning these parts of the body, you remain at risk of infection. Therefore, it is necessary to clean between the ankles and fingers. If this is not possible while taking a bath, then you can specially clean them by taking out time for this separately.

underarm cleaning

Sweat comes the most in the underarm, due to which the risk of odor and bacteria also increases. Therefore, it is also very important to clean the underarm while taking a bath. With this, you will get rid of the smell of sweat along with dirt.

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nail cleaning

It is also very important to clean the nails while taking a bath. Whether the nails are long or not. Due to itching or dust-soil, bacteria start to grow in the nails. They can reach your stomach through the mouth while eating anything. That’s why you should also clean your nails daily.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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