If you do not want to get more electricity bill then follow these tips

Tips to Save Electricity: Electricity bill of some people comes very high every month. At that time, all the people of the house just debate on this thing that how the electricity bill is coming so much. Actually, many times we do not pay attention to some such things or do carelessness which becomes the reason for high electricity bill. Let us know that by paying attention to what things, electricity bill can be prevented from coming high.

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Shut down computer not in sleep mode

Nowadays, most of the people are doing their work on the computer while staying at home. In such a situation, when you have to take breaks in between, do not put the computer on sleep mode, but turn off its monitor or shut it down. Always turn off the power switch after finishing work.

Check these things when you leave home

If you are going out of the house, then before leaving the house lights, fan, geyser, mixer, chimney, electric gas, induction, cooler and AC. Be sure to check all the switches of things like this and do not forget to turn them off. Sometimes the light goes out during the use of these things and by mistake their switches are left open.

use led bulb

Compared to the normal bulb, LED bulb consumes less electricity while getting more light. Therefore, instead of the normal bulb, use LED bulb.

Keep defrosting the fridge

Sometimes a lot of ice accumulates in the freezer, due to which the cooling power of the fridge decreases and things are not able to cool properly. This also results in higher power consumption. So keep defrosting the fridge from time to time. Also, keep the food in the fridge only after it has completely cooled down.

set timer in tv

Many times people fall asleep while watching TV and the TV goes on all night without any reason. Which wastes electricity. Therefore, set a timer in the TV so that after you sleep, the TV does not keep running for the whole night without any reason.

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Do not press too wet clothes

Due to haste, many people start pressing only on wet clothes. So many times to make the work easier, we press dry clothes very wet. Due to which the power consumption is high. Instead of wet clothes, press on dry clothes by giving light splashes of water.

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