If you forget small things, then increase memory in this way, follow these easy tips to sharpen your mind

How To Improve Your Memory Power : Many times we forget to keep something somewhere and even after making lakhs of efforts, we do not remember where to keep that thing. This is a common problem. If this starts happening on daily basis then we start getting worried. In such a situation, it is common to have irritation and annoyance. But let us tell you that you can improve your memory with the help of some activities. Yes, if you take a few minutes every day for your mind, then it will not only save you from the problem of forgetting, you will also be able to remember things for a long time.

Let us tell you that with age there is a decline in physical and mental health and in such a situation, exercise helps you to stay healthy. NDTV Health According to reports, research has shown that there are many activities with the help of which you can improve your mental acuity and keep them healthy for a long life. With their help, your memory, concentration and attention can also improve. So let us know what we should do for this.

1.Puzzle Game

It has been found in research that if you play jigsaw puzzles daily, then it helps you in increasing many cognitive abilities. It challenges your brain and helps in doing mental exercise. This can be an easy and fun way.

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2. Play Cards

A research on mentally stimulating activities for adults found that a quick card game can improve many areas of the brain. This research also found that memory and thinking ability can also be greatly improved with card games.

3.Quick Walkablery Game

Research has found that if you take quick walking lessons, then it benefits your brain a lot. Actually, many areas of the brain are used in preparing walkables. Especially it is necessary for the processing of seeing and hearing. In such a situation, if you keep a notebook with you while reading and write a new word and try to remember it. Use this new word continuously for 5 days. This can prove to be very beneficial for you.

4. Dancing is beneficial

It has been found in many researches that dance works to increase the processing speed and memory of your brain. In such a situation, you can dance Salsa, Tap, Hip-Hop, Zumba etc.

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5.Use all senses

According to a research, for better memory it is necessary that we use all our senses. For example, focus on smelling, touching, tasting, seeing and hearing at the same time. By doing this your memory can improve rapidly.

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