If you have such a notion about cholesterol in your mind, then remove it.

Myth about cholesterol: Cholesterol is often discussed in the matter of health. It is generally said that the level of cholesterol has become high, so control these things or do not consume fatty things. It is true that many types of problems arise due to high cholesterol, but cholesterol is very important for our body. There are two types of cholesterol. First bad cholesterol which is dangerous for the human body and second good cholesterol which is as important as protein, carbohydrate for the body. Cholesterol is a layer made of a special element on the outside of human cells. It is called cholesterol or lipid in the language of medical science. Cholesterol is very important for proper functioning of the body in the human body. It produces many essential hormones for the development of our body. However, there are many types of myths among people regarding cholesterol. Medical News Today has explained these myths in detail.

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myths about cholesterol

All cholesterol is bad Cholesterol is the most important component of the cell membrane. Cholesterol itself makes steroid hormones. So to say that all cholesterol is bad is absolutely wrong. Dr. Greenfield explains that cholesterol is not bad. It is absolutely innocent which is being misrepresented in the modern lifestyle. Vitamin D is made due to cholesterol. High level of high density lipoprotein ie good cholesterol is also not harmful. It clears other harmful forms of cholesterol from the blood vessels. Yes, if the level of bad cholesterol increases too much, then there can be a risk of disease.

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If you are healthy then the cholesterol will be right- People also have a belief that I am healthy, my cholesterol will not increase. That is absolutely wrong. Dr Greenfield explains that it is okay not to have low cholesterol or to have too much, but it is important to be balanced.

not showing any symptomsSome people say that if I had high cholesterol, I would have seen its symptoms. This assumption is also wrong. An increased level of cholesterol is usually not visible from above.

what is bad cholesterol Low density lipoprotein is called bad cholesterol. When the amount of fat starts increasing in place of protein in lipoproteins, then bad cholesterol starts accumulating here. In this condition, the risk of heart disease increases significantly.

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