If you sleep with makeup on, then know what kind of damage you have

Sleep In Makeup Side Effects: What do women do to dress up? If some new trend of make-up comes to be known from anywhere, then she is able to try it only. There is such a craze for make-up that some women do not take off make-up even at night while sleeping. She sleeps with make-up only, but it can have to bear a huge brunt. Generally we all know that there is harm in sleeping with make-up on at night, but most of us do not know that there are many disadvantages of sleeping with make-up on at night. daily Mail According to the news, if you sleep at night without cleaning the make-up, then the face gets damaged in many ways, which can take months to recover. Skin care experts say, leaving make-up on at night causes bacteria to leave a lot of dirt on the skin, which slows down collagen production under the skin. Due to this, not only the skin but also many other types of problems can come on the face.

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Sleeping with makeup on the face

Turning face: While sleeping at night, natural oil comes out from under the skin which creates natural lubrication in the hair follicles. This keeps the skin soft. When the make-up is slept without removing, then this oil sticks to the dirt accumulated on the skin and bacteria get trapped in it and spread the dirt. This also stops the process of making new cells. The result of all this is that the skin starts breaking out completely. The color of the skin becomes matte.

Premature Wrinkles: Throughout the day, dirt and make-up remain trapped in the skin, due to which the skin gets less oxygen. Due to lack of oxygen, the skin does not get natural moisture and the process of collagen production also slows down. Collagen is the most important thing for youthful skin. If it starts to decrease, then premature wrinkles start appearing in the skin.

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dull and dull skin When you sleep with make-up on at night, your face is stuck in the pillow all night. Due to this, dead cells and oil get trapped in the outer layer of the skin and it disturbs the natural process of the skin. Due to this the complexion of the face starts getting worse and blurred.

Eye Infection: Make-up applied on the eye has a bad effect on the cells of the eyes. This can cause infection in the eye. By applying make-up at night, sleeping on the eyes goes away. Apart from this, the make-up of the eye can be moved around from the pillow. Therefore, it is not necessary that this make-up only harms the skin, but the bacteria derived from make-up can infect the eye as well.

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