If you take bath with hot water every day, then be alert! This was revealed in the study

Hot Water Bathing Side effects: While many people use cold water while bathing, there are many people who like to take a bath with hot water for twelve months. Generally, it is very difficult for people who take hot water bath to start the day by taking a cold water bath. If you are also among them, then change your habit of bathing with hot water soon. A recent study has revealed that people who take cold water baths have more immunity than people who take hot water baths. It has also been told in the study that people who take cold water bath are relatively less sick. It is said that bathing with cold water has physical and mental benefits as well.

Linde Bottoms Hatfield, Reader in Exercise and Health Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, says that a study done in the Netherlands found that people who took cold water baths took fewer holidays due to illness than people who took hot water baths. . This study was done on three thousand people. Everyone was divided into four groups. While one group was asked to take a hot water bath every day, the other group was asked to take a cold water bath for 30 seconds. The third group was asked to take a cold water bath for 60 seconds and the fourth group for 90 seconds. Everyone was asked to do this for a month.

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The study found that the group who took a cold water bath had a 29 percent reduction in the number of times they took a break from work due to illness. Interestingly, there was no difference in the time taken during the cold water bath. . Although the reason why people who take cold baths less sick is not yet clear, but some researchers believe that this may be due to increased immunity.
A study from the Czech Republic reported that when young athletes were given cold water baths three times per week for six weeks, their immunity improved slightly. By the way, more studies are still needed to confirm this.
Bathing with cold water increases the noradrenaline hormone
When the nervous system is activated by activities such as bathing in cold water, there is an increase in the noradrenaline hormone. When people take a cold water bath, this hormone is the biggest reason for the increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Taking a bath with cold water also shows signs of improvement in blood circulation. Exposure to cold water also improves the blood circulation of the skin. A study done after taking a cold water bath after exercise has revealed that it improved the blood circulation of the muscles after four weeks.

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The study found that bathing in cold water with a temperature of 14 ° C increases metabolism by 350 percent. Apart from physical benefits, taking bath with cold water also benefits mental health.
It is possible. However, before starting a cold water bath, you should know that there are some risks involved. Actually, the sudden cold water makes the body feel like a shock and it can be dangerous for heart patients. This can also cause a heart attack.

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