If you use washing machine, take care of these things, the life of clothes will increase

Washing Machine Tips: Washing machine is now easily available in everyone’s home. Like in the olden times, now the practice of washing clothes by hand has reduced a lot. Washing clothes has to be done with less effort, due to which washing machines have become increasingly popular in homes. It is also widely used in homes. With the change in technology, now the era of Automatic Washing Machine has come. The hard work has become less in this. Just put the clothes in the machine and then take it out and dry it. However, whatever the washing machine, there are some rules for cleaning clothes. Due to not following them, many people are heard saying that the clothes look dirty even after washing.
Actually, many times we do not even know how to use the washing machine for washing clothes. Sometimes our carelessness also spoils new and good quality clothes. In this we assume the fault of the washing machine. But if you want to use the washing machine in the right way so that your clothes are completely clean and their quality remains intact, then follow these simple steps.

Clothes should never be washed more than the capacity in the washing machine. Try to wash clothes by dividing them into categories. Like very dirty clothes, less dirty clothes, white clothes. Apart from this, try never to wash new clothes especially white clothes with old clothes. Many times the color of new clothes gets lost due to which old clothes can become discolored.

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We usually put water in the washing machine, put surf in it and immediately put clothes in it. Instead, let the surf dissolve well in the water first. If you want, dissolve the surf well in the water with your hands so that the foam comes. After that put the cloth in the foaming water. So that the clothes can be cleaned well and they do not have surf stains.
Clothing that has a zip or chain, such as a jacket, pants or t-shirt. Always wash their zip only after closing it. If the zip remains open, then there is a possibility of damage to the drum of the machine.

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If you are going to wash a new cloth by putting it in the washing machine for the first time, then before that wash it with clean water. It has been seen many times that new clothes leave color. If the color of the cloth comes off, then wash it by hand instead of in the washing machine.
Many people use the dryer for a long time to dry clothes quickly. By doing this, there is a possibility of the fabric getting spoiled soon. Instead, it will be better if the clothes are dried in natural sunlight and air.

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