If you want long-lasting inverter battery, keep these things in mind

Inverter Battery: Keeping in mind the need of light, it has become common to have an inverter in the house in today’s era. But many people complain that the battery of their inverter starts draining very quickly. Actually a big reason for this is not taking care of the battery. Which most people ignore. which is not correct.

Let us tell you that if you take care of the battery regularly, then the battery of the inverter can last for a long time. Now let us know how to take care of it to make the battery last for a long time.

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keep checking battery water

In order for the inverter battery to last for a long time, it is important to keep checking the water level in the battery from time to time. Actually, distilled water is used in the battery which helps in maintaining its life for a long time. If there is less water than the normal level, there is a possibility of the battery getting damaged quickly. Therefore, it is important to keep checking the battery water every two-three months. For this, no other water but distilled water has to be used, which in common language is called battery water. It is easily available in the market. It is also very important to turn off the inverter and switch off the switch board while changing the water of the battery so that there is no danger of electrocution.

It is important to take care of charging

In most of the houses, the inverter is engaged on all-time charging, even if it is full charge. Whereas the inverter being over- or under-charged also affects the life of the battery. Whenever the light goes on, after fully charging it, the charging switch should be turned off from time to time. After full charge, if you keep turning off the inverter for some time, then it can help the battery to last for a long time.

Terminal cleaning is also necessary

It is also very important to clean the terminal from time to time. The part of the battery to which the power wire is connected for current is called the terminal. Due to non-cleaning for a long time, rust starts to appear in and around the terminal. Due to which the flow of current in the battery slows down and the battery starts deteriorating quickly. Therefore, cleaning the terminal should be done from time to time. Keep in mind that it is very important to turn off the main switch board before cleaning. After this, without using water, clean it with the help of a cotton and dry cloth.

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Do not overload the battery

When the battery starts getting old, its capacity to take the load also starts decreasing. But in homes it is used in the same way. Overloading can also shorten its life. Therefore, such watt bulbs should be used which give more light in less watts. Care should also be taken that there is no moisture in the place where the battery is kept, nor can rain water soak it directly.

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