If you want to eat original Chinese food, then once reach ‘Chinese hawker’ of Delhi

(Dr. Rameshwar Dayal)
We believe that apart from eating Chole-Bhature, Tikki, Punjabi, South Indian cuisine has made a strong inroads in the cuisine of the country and Delhi. But we also want to tell you that due to a different taste and smell, Chinese food has also got a forceful and respectable place in the food menu. Just as you will find Chole-Kulche thays everywhere in Delhi, similarly Chinese food thais and restaurants will also be found everywhere. Let us also tell you that the first places to eat Chinese food were considered to be the Monastery on the Ring Road located at the Kashmiri Bus Stand and Majnu Ka Tila on the Ring Road ahead. This area is the residence of expatriate Tibetans. This is where the trend of momos and chowmein took place. This was the period when Chinese food was not available anywhere in Delhi.

Food vans can also be credited for taking forward Chinese food. These food vans parked at markets, markets and other places in Delhi were licensed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. In these vans you will find only Chinese food. After this expansion, Chinese food was entered in the functions of marriage etc., in which the children showed great interest. Now the situation has become such that chowmein is being sold on roads, even in small colonies, on street vendors. Their taste will be almost the same. The reason is, in addition to onions, cabbage is prepared by adding soy sauce, chili sauce.

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Basically it is the Indianization of Chinese food. But today we make you taste the real Chinese food. Chinese food enthusiasts believe that the dishes at this outlet really have the same taste that Chinese food is known for. This is a chain of Chinese food in Delhi, where you will find any Chinese dish found unmatched. Be it Hot and Sour Soup or Hakka Noodles. Even if you eat its fried rice, the pungent smell of Chinese spices and vinegar will tell that you have caught the right taste of China.

Every dish is alive, full of spices and pungent smell
This food chain is known as Chinese Hawker. Although it has been running for the last five years in Delhi, it has been systematically only two years since it took the form of a food chain. It has seven outlets in Delhi, from where food is supplied. These include South Extension, Vasant Kunj, Patel Nagar, Pitampura, Patparganj, Chand Nagar. We spoke to two people who ordered Chinese food from their outlets.

He said that earlier he used to order food from any Chinese restaurant or other stall, but since the last one year, since he ordered Chinese food from this outlet, since then he came to know what real Chinese taste is. Each and every recipe prepared with Ajinomoto’s with great soy sauce, green chili sauce, red chili sauce and tomato ketchup is alive.

Both the Varieties of Hakka Noodles Are Enchanting
We talked to people and learned from other sources that which is their most famous dish, then it was found that the dish in which chicken mix is ​​in high demand. Among them, Hakka Noodles and Chilli Garlic Hakka Noodles are in high demand. People like them because each noodles looks different. It doesn’t appear to be sticking. Its thickness is a bit thick and the taste is settled in them. It is available in both veg and chicken. Their maximum price is Rs 250. Admittedly, the outlet is full of perfect street food, from Veg-Chicken Momos to Thukpa Soup in a variety of soups.

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In fact, Thukpa soup is a soup filled with noodles from Tibet, which has now become the lifeblood of Chinese cuisine. Apart from Chili Chicken, Chicken Spring Roll, Honey Chili Potato can also be enjoyed at this outlet. So you must have known where original Chinese food is available in Delhi. If you place an order to a company that serves food till home, then this Chinese food will reach your home. We also want to say that if you are really fond of Chinese food, then take a taste of the food of this outlet. Later on you will get the taste of it yourself.

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