If you want to eat the famous Nagori-Phalwa of Old Delhi, then definitely visit ‘Shri Balaji Kachori Bhandar’ in Dariba Kalan.

(Dr. Rameshwar Dayal)
You already know that Old Delhi especially Chandni Chowk is very famous in the matter of vegetarian food. There are many famous shops of vegetarian dishes here and their food is also earning a name. Parathas, Kachoris, Ghevar of Chandni Chowk make people crave for food. Today we make you taste a famous delicacy of Old Delhi. It is believed that this dish originated from Old Delhi and it also reached other states. This dish has been known as the breakfast of Old Delhi for years. One of its specialties is that if you want, you can eat it as sweet and if you want, you can also make it spicy. The name of this famous dish of Old Delhi is Nagori-Halwa. The shop of this dish to which we are taking you, has been serving this wonderful dish to the people for almost 70 years.

Nagori-halwa is pleasing to the mind, it can also be eaten spicy.
If you walk towards the main road in Chandni Chowk, then on the left side is the famous market of jewelery Dariba Kalan. As soon as you enter this market, you have to come to Kuncha Lattushah on the right. As soon as you enter Kunche, there is a shop named Shri Balaji Kachori Bhandar. The specialty of this shop is that in the morning and later in the evening, it looks right on the road of Dariba Kalan outside, where you will get to eat the famous Nagori-Halwa of the area. First let us give you information about this dish. Just like there is Golgappa, there is a little bigger Nagori than that. It is made from semolina. You will also get pudding made of semolina. It is eaten in two ways.

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Food lovers fill pudding in Nagori and then leave it towards the mouth. Sweetness dissolves in the whole mouth. Some people also do this that inside the Nagori, they fill the spicy vegetable of potatoes and enjoy the food. There are some great people who put both halwa and potato curry in Nagori and enjoy sweet-spiciness together. If you want in this shop, you will not only get pudding with four Nagori, but the spicy vegetable of potato is also present. The cost of this breakfast is only 40 rupees.

If you want to feel like fire in your mouth, then try eating potato.
You will not only find spicy dishes of Old Delhi at this inside and outside shop, apart from halwa, hot jalebi is also present. Another breakfast dish that can be enjoyed is Bedmi Poori-Aloo Sabzi. Its cost is Rs 30. People first eat bedmi puri and potato curry on this plate, after that they enjoy the taste of Nagori halwa. Apart from bread dumplings, shortbread, raita is also available at the shop. Let us tell you about another dish of this shop. That is Dum Aloo. The method of making it is jaunty.

Raw whole potatoes are roasted in a desi tandoor and peeled. Then whole potatoes are deep fried in oil. Then curry is made separately. In which pungent spices are crushed and roasted and put. Those who have thick fried food can bring out tears while eating this potato. People say that while eating it, it feels like fire in the mouth. But people love it. The cost of this dish is Rs.30.

This old shop runs in three shifts
This shop is running since the year 1950. It was started by Pandit Naubat Ram Sharma. After that his son Mukesh Sharma took it forward. Now his son Nitin Sharma is running the shop and his shop. The specialty of this shop is that it operates in three shifts. At 8 o’clock in the morning, the main door is decorated in the market, where all the goods are available. Thiya is picked up at 1 pm. Then food and drink starts being found at the shop inside.

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After 6 o’clock in the evening, this shop comes out again and turns into a thiye. Where food and drink go on till 10 pm. In the evening, kachoris, dum aloo and bread pakodas are available on the thiye. Their potato curry is wonderful. Along with this, fenugreek chutney also ties the knot. Nitin says that in the morning and evening we run thiya for the local people. People from all over Delhi come and enjoy the food throughout the day. There is no holiday at the shop.
Nearest Metro Station: Red Fort

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