If you want to keep hair color for a long time, then mix these things in henna

Natural Tips for Black Hair: Nowadays people’s hair has started turning white at an early age. People use artificial color to protect hair from whiteness, but it can be dangerous. It has been proved in many research that using products like creams, hair coloring lotions, powders etc. available in the market to darken hair can prove to be harmful. However, despite using these colors, the hair does not remain black for a long time. Mehndi is a great option to get rid of these problems. One, there is no harm due to henna, secondly, by mixing some things in it, the hair remains black for a long time. According to Kamaayurveda, some things should be mixed in henna to maintain blackness in the hair for a long time. With this, the hair will remain black for a little longer and they will also get natural life. Here we are telling about some natural things mixed in mehndi, due to which the hair will remain black and the shine will also remain intact.

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Mehndi, Shikakai and Egg Paste

The paste of henna, shikakai and egg brings great shine to the hair and the hair also remains black for a long time. To make this, first leave the henna and shikakai to soak in water overnight. One spoon of shikakai is enough in two spoons of henna. Make it a paste. In the morning, add one egg and a little curd to this paste. Mix it well. Now use this paste on the hair. Wash it off after about an hour. Use lukewarm water to wash it. Do not use shampoo on the first day. Use shampoo the next day, then the change will be visible automatically.

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Mehndi, Turmeric and Multani Mitti Paste
A paste of henna, turmeric and multani mitti is a wonderful natural remedy to give extra shine to the hair. This paste has to be used at night only at the time of sleeping. First of all, mix two spoons of multani mitti and one spoon of turmeric in two spoons of henna. Make a paste by adding water to it. Apply it all over the hair while sleeping at night. Let it dry for an hour, after which cover the head with a plastic cover. Wash it off in lukewarm water in the morning. Multani mitti cleans the dirt hidden inside the scalp and opens the pores of the follicles. This gives strength to the hair.

Adding coffee to Mehndi will make hair more dark
By adding coffee to the henna, the color of the hair will remain black for a long time. Although adding coffee to the henna will make the hair look like a light burgundy color, but it will bring a great shine to the hair. To prepare its paste, put a teaspoon of coffee powder in a cup of water and boil it on low flame. After this cool it down and make a thick paste by mixing 4-5 tablespoons of henna powder. Leave this henna in the hair for 3-4 hours and then wash it with normal water.

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