If you want to make tummy flat, then include curd in the diet, increase metabolism, reduce weight

How To Eat Curd For Weight Lose : Research has found that weight loss can be reduced by 61 percent by using curd. If it is included in the daily diet, then the problem of belly fat can also be easily dealt with. TOI According to, the American Dietetic Association also confirms that yogurt is an excellent fat burner. Due to the amount of calcium present in it, it also helps in reducing weight. It keeps BMI healthy and maintains body weight. Let us tell that 80 mg of calcium is found in 100 grams of curd. Let us know how we can lose weight with the help of curd and what are its other benefits.

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To lose weight, include curd in the diet in this way

If you eat curd with three meals a day, then you can lose weight fast.

You can make a smoothie and eat it by mixing fruit and yogurt for breakfast. .

You can also eat curd in the form of raita with roti.

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It would be better if you do not use sugar. If you like sweet, then use jaggery lightly.

You can also drink it in the form of buttermilk by adding spices to the curd.

You can also eat curd with dry fruits and cornflakes.

Other benefits of yogurt

When the metabolism in the body is not balanced, it also leads to weight gain. Whereas it is necessary to balance it in order to lose weight.

Yogurt contains probiotics which help in improving digestion and metabolism.

It also helps in absorption of nutrients.

Eating curd keeps the stomach full for a long time. By which we can avoid eating more often.

Yogurt is a low carb and high protein food which makes it perfect for weight loss.

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