If you want to taste ‘Desi Hot Dog’, then definitely come to ‘Vijay Hot Dog’ in Krishna Nagar.

Hot Dog Dish: (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal) India remained a slave for several hundred years and many foreign powers ruled India. Now it is a common thing that the speech of the invaders, their culture and food has had an impact on this country. There are hundreds of such dishes across the country, which have their origin in foreign countries. But the people of India adapted such dishes in their own color and Indianized their taste as well. Today, let us taste the taste of such a foreign dish. Its name is Hot Dog. But its taste and stuffing have been completely Indianised. When it is desiccated, it is a simple matter that there will be plenty of butter in it.

The hot dog here tastes amazing

Hot dog is actually a non-veg dish from Germany, which is liked all over the world. The meat sausage and other items inside the long bun are made tasty, but the hot dog of the shop you are going for is indigenous and rich as well as vegetarian. The shopkeeper worked very hard to fill the taste in it and finally got the perfect taste. When you reach Krishna Nagar located in Yamunapar, you will see ‘Vijay Hot Dog’ shop next to Punjab National Bank in F Block. The soaring aroma of butter and spices will tell that this hot dog has been completely Indianised.

Two-three types of burgers are available here, in addition to normal, cheese burger, cheese burger, cheese-cheese in addition to paneer-cheese single, double and triple burger. Meaning you can stuff cheese-cheese stuffing in hot dog as much as you want. The price of all these varieties ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 130. But we can definitely say that if you eat it, you will be surprised and you will also enjoy full enjoyment due to the wonderful taste.

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Hot dog is a combination of butter-cheese-cheese

Let us show you the hallmark of making Paneer-Cheese Hot Dog. First of all, the long bun of hot dog is fried in Amul butter, that is, the desiccation has started. After that the mix made in butter itself
The thick vegetable curry is wrapped inside the bun. Red and green chutney is spread in the second piece of the bun, then two pieces of tomato are placed, followed by cheese, finely chopped cabbage.
Special chaat masala is sprinkled. Now by applying lemon juice, mayonnaise, cheese slices on top of the bun, the pieces of both the buns are glued in a way. Then this huge hot dog
It is again put on the pan and once again it is fried with butter.

The price of all the varieties here ranges from Rs 60 to Rs 130.

Now tell me, its taste will be unique and wonderful or not. Hot dog slices are dripping from one side and tomato is showing its glimpse on the other side. Mayonnaise is also eager to come out. Their treatment is the same, immediately a piece should be cut in the mouth.

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Three brothers made German dish Indian

Three brothers have worked hard to make this Indian hot dog. He felt that there had been a lot of ‘play’ in the country about burgers, so he focused on hot-dogs. big first
Brother Ajay Rao opened a shop in the year 2001 in Vasundhara, Sector-14 (near Jaipuria School). In the initial phase, potato curry was put in it, then sharpened and finally mixed veg, cheese and paneer.
Manufactured ‘Indian Hot Dog’ from Sangam. After that, in the year 2009, hot dogs were sold at Krishna Nagar by two brothers Vijay Rao and Sanjay Rao on the street. Now being sold in a great way at the store.
The work starts at 3 pm and the goods are sold by 10:30 pm. There is no holiday.

Nearest Metro Station: Krishna Nagar and East Azad Nagar

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