In the Corona era, make teenage children responsible in this way, without stress, love will grow among themselves

Tips For Parents Who Are Spending  All time With Teenagers  : Family life has been affected all over the world during the Corona epidemic. All schools are closed and social distancing is being maintained for the last two years. The negative effect of all these is now visible in the family. There are more challenges especially for those parents who have teen age children. UNICEF According to, it is very important for the parents to talk openly with them and listen to them to save the teenage children from the negative effects of the family. Be honest with them and it is better to tell the truth better than to answer any kind of question wrong.

Actually this age is very fearless and understanding in them has just started. In such a situation, even a little carelessness can make them aggressive and negative which can affect their life. In such a situation, here we are telling how you should behave with your teenage children during the Corona period.

1. Set up Routines

It is very important to set up a routine at home. In this way you are their guide. In such a situation, if you want to teach them something, then first you have to become like that. So to manage life, first of all set a routine for everyone and follow it at all costs. By doing this you will also not have to teach on everything.

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2. Compliment Required

It will not take you any time to praise your child, but its effect will be visible throughout the day. Complement such children on good things.

3.Make Decision Maker

Let us tell you that at this age, children become very personal and they do not like that their parents decide everything about them. In such a situation, as far as possible, teach and guide them to take necessary decisions at home. By doing this, they will not feel tied down in the house and will respect you.

4. Sometimes give some relief in the rules

It is necessary to follow the rules but sometimes give relief in the rules. By doing this, they will be able to feel a little different from the normal life and will be happy. But instead you can keep the condition to complete some work.

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5. Give Responsibility

This is their age to be responsible. In such a situation, there can be no better time than that they learn to take responsibilities in front of your eyes. By doing this, they will understand their value in the house and will participate.

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