Include cinnamon in skin care like this, magical effect will be seen on the skin in winter

Cinnamon For Skin Benefits : The essential oil of cinnamon is used in aromatherapy. Cinnamon has antibacterial properties that keep pimples and acne away from the skin. Antioxidants are found in abundance in cinnamon, which is very effective in keeping the problem of pigmentation away. Healthline According to reports, cinnamon contains a polyphenol plant component that repairs skin cells damaged by free radicals and helps reduce inflammation in the skin. Cinnamon also works to keep away aging and wrinkles. Apart from this, brown spots on the face can also be reduced with the help of cinnamon. Cinnamon also increases blood flow, due to which the skin remains bright and problem free. So let us know how we can use it for skin care.

Incorporate cinnamon in skin care like this

1.Cinnamon with Honey

Honey and cinnamon are both very beneficial ingredients for the skin. In winter, if the skin is getting dry or the skin is losing moisture, then they need special care. In such a situation, you can take care of the skin by using these two together.

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Its use brings brightness to the skin and the problem of pimples stays away. To make it, you mix cinnamon powder in a teaspoon of honey and leave it for some time by applying it on the skin.

2.Salt and Cinnamon

To remove the dryness of the skin and improve the face, you mix a little salt with cinnamon powder and add a little honey to it. Apply this paste on the face. Its use makes the skin soft. You can also use it as a scrubber.

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3. Yogurt and Cinnamon

If tanning has come on the skin of the face, then you take a spoonful of cinnamon powder and mix it with one spoon of curd and honey and prepare a mixture of it well. Now apply it on your face. Wash off after drying. Facial tanning will gradually disappear.

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