Include these low fat recipes in your diet, they are also beneficial for heart health

Low fat Recipes: Everyone is fond of eating tasty food. Delicious and delicious food is everyone’s weakness. Most people like to eat spicy and spicy food in the routine itself. Many times this food rich in taste can cause great harm to our health. In such a situation, good food is also very important to keep the body healthy. Generally, spicy, spicy food affects the health of our heart the most, so to keep it better, low fat recipes should be included in your diet.

There is a general perception that low fat recipes are tasteless, but it is not so. We are going to tell you about some low fat recipes which are full of health and taste. By making them, you can take care of the health of yourself and the whole family.

1. Moong Dal Cheela – Children or elders start shrinking their nose and brows as soon as they take the name of moong dal, but if it is about moong dal cheela, then the matter becomes somewhat different. Apart from being very tasty to eat, it is also beneficial for health. It can be made for breakfast in the morning or if you are in the mood for a light dinner. Let us tell you that moong dal is considered to be the best source of protein and it is a very light food.

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2. Cauliflower, Oats Tikki – Cauliflower or oats tikki is usually prepared by mixing mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables. This food item is rich in vitamins and oxidants. Very little oil is used to make it. Many people take it in breakfast only after baking it.
3. Oats Idli – Oats Idli, rich in fiber, is a healthy breakfast, it can also be used for dinner. Oats contain soluble fiber which is helpful in reducing cholesterol present in the heart. It is not only a healthy but also a tasty food.

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4. Oats Khichdi – Oats Khichdi comes under low fat recipes. Along with being full of taste, it is rich in protein. It is a good source of fiber. It is also beneficial in weight loss, PCOS, diabetes, heart disease.
5. Tomato Soup – Tomato soup is usually taken before meals. However, when you have less appetite, you can take it during breakfast or dinner. Tomatoes contain high heart healthy potassium. It is also a good source of lycopene antioxidant.

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