Indian Railway News- Despite orders, it will take time to get cooked food in trains, know why?

New Delhi. Indian Railways has announced to provide cooked food in trains like before Corona. An order has also been issued in this regard. Despite this, the passengers will have to wait now, it will take time to get cooked food. According to Railway Board officials, this facility is likely to be available by the end of December or at the beginning of the new year. Because this facility is completely closed for the last about 20 months, so it is sure to take time to start again.

On Friday, the Ministry of Railways has issued an order to provide cooked food in trains. This order has also reached the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. Because IRCTC does the work of serving food in trains. Although IRCTC has started preparing to serve cooked food as soon as the order comes, meetings are also being held with the officials, despite this, it will take time to start the facility.

so it will take time

The facility of cooked food has been closed for about 20 months. To start this, first you will have to arrange for the staff. Rules will be made regarding the tender of service provider. Because the food cooked for a long time is stopped, the time in between may be considered as zero period. Along with this, the kitchen appliances sold will have to be properly checked. Although the equipment was run in between, but there is a difference between running and using it continuously. It will take time to arrange all this.

Likely to start by December

It will take at least more than a month to get all the facilities for cooked food. It may take longer than that. In this way, there is a possibility of getting the facility at the end of December or starting from January.

will start with any one section

Cooked food will start with one section instead of one train. Like there are Delhi Mumbai or Delhi Howrah routes. A start can be made with trains running on these routes.

Facility was available in 600 trains

IRCTC provides cooked food on about 600 routes running on different routes. There are three types of trains in these. In 200 trains, the supply was done by pantry car and there is a mini pantry in Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Humsafar, Duronto and the remaining trains are supplied by vendors.

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