Instead of throwing away old toys, use it like this, a smile will come on the face of needy children

How To Reuse Old Toys : Usually, when the kids of the house start growing up, it becomes difficult to manage their toys. Every year, while taking new toys and keeping old ones, so many toys accumulate in the house that keeping them does not seem less than a problem. In such a situation, here we are telling you what you can do with these toys. It is better to keep old toys in the house without any reason than to donate them to needy children. Believe me, you can bring a smile on many faces by doing this. Here we are telling you the best idea to reuse your old toys.

donate old toys

If you have got many toys, then you accept those toys which are in good condition and not used much, then children’s NGO accepts them as donation. In such a situation, you can donate old blocks, puzzles, board games, stuffed animals, toy cars, craft kits, sports kits, activity books, hotwheel vehicles etc. If you are donating pacifiers and tethers, then confirm once with the institute and only then box.

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Donate to these places

1. In charity

There are many charities that work for orphans. You can donate toys to organizations that run orphanages. These organizations accept donations of toys etc. for orphan children. You can also give direct toys and essential items to the children of poor families.

2.Shelter House

If you want, you can also donate toys to the Women’s or Children’s Shelter Home. In these places, children have only the necessary things to live, in such a situation, these toys will not be less than a gift for them. You find such places on the internet and pack them well and donate them.

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3. At Children’s Hospital

There are many children’s hospitals that accept old toys. Sick children entering here are given toys during treatment. In such a situation, you can clean the toys in the right condition and donate them to the hospitals.

4. Donate to Street Children

There are many families living on the side of the road, whose house is full of children but there are no toys. In such a situation, you can bring a smile on their face by donating toys to the street children.

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