Interesting: Now taking orders and charging two wheeler cherries! Know who is in the hit list

New Delhi. You must have heard Pizza on Demand, you must have heard what you have done, you order many essential things and they reach you. But have you ever ordered for a two wheeler to be charred? Bhala, who has read in Sach, orders the two wheeler to be car cherries. But now this is happening. Delhi Police has caught a similar gang, who used to steal two wheeler vehicles on order only. This order was not given by his boss but people from other cities and villages who wanted two wheelers. On Sunday, the Kalkaji police station arrested three members of Gireh, who had been stealing a two-wheeler on the order. According to the police, on April 17, when the police team was patrolling near the Nehru Place bus terminal, two suspicious boys on a scooty were seen. When the police team reached to interrogate him, the arrows started running in which the police caught him. During interrogation, the accused told that they used to do the work of procuring vehicles on order and then used to sell them in other cities and countryside. The police is now also finding out from them that if these cars were also not sold by stealing in the same way.

Two wheelers are sold more in small towns

Information Of According order Feather to wheeler Of with Cases of theft of cars have also come in between. In this, the demand of two wheeler is more than those villages and towns whose population is less and where there is not so much checking by the police. At the same time, in many villages and towns, such cherry vehicles are also used for carrying goods, in which many times they keep driving without putting on the number plate. The price of the two wheeler charged is decided on its model, that is why people keep looking for some such two wheeler whose price is less and also place orders for charging the same on demand.

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Big demand for these two wheelers in four markets

Talk about how can two wheelers have the highest demand and how are the vehicles that they ask to be charged even on people’s orders. So the number one among them is the diamond’s spender, as always, even today, it is the most cherished. After this TVS Scooty, Honda’s passion, Activa is more liked.

Atta parts are also a big reason

Experts say that one of the reasons behind the demand for these two wheelers is Atte Parts. Which are used to make other vehicles from jugaad. In small towns and even in cities, you will have seen such vehicles made of jugaad, in which two wheeler tires, cart base to keep luggage behind, cycle handle and two wheeler engine are installed. Since these are jugaad vehicles and are used to carry goods and vegetables around, the police do not check them as much.

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